In Case You Forgot, Plus Size Models Aren’t Allowed To Wear Clothes

The always lovely (and always half-nakedCandice Huffine has landed the cover of Spain’s S Moda. Although we’re psyched to see a plus size model on any cover (even with often regrettable headlines about their realness, curves, etc), the accompanying editorial trades in the two plus size model tropes that bore us most: 1) take off her clothes or 2) make it retro-inspired. Or, of course, both.

For example. Leopard print, visible bra, cat’s eye makeup:

Or full-on pin-up completely with hat.

She looks great but… how about some new ideas?

Huffine was shot by Damon Baker.

(via FGR)

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    • Michele

      I believe the reasoning for the vintage-y, pin up, black and white set ups is the belief that curvy figures evoke a time when that “look” was “acceptable” If you were to show a plus model in a contemporary setting it would be off putting to todays standard of “acceptable”
      By the way, I would totally punch a baby to look like these “plus size” models, I’m just saying!