Best & Worst Dressed On The 2012 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

Katy Perry and her grandma

Here’s one of the more confusing events in all of red carpet land: the Billboard Awards. It’s not quite the Grammys, but it’s still a step up from the MTV Video Music Awards (purely in terms of fashion). It’s attended by a diverse group (Kris Kristofferson was there, FYI), but the usual suspects show up, too: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Bieber, etc. Also, everyone looked the same.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Breezy

      I thought this was the best and worst?! It’s pretty overwhelmingly negative.

      • Rachel

        I agree, Breezy. All of the “best and worst” posts on The Gloss seem to be (unfortunately) focused almost completely on “the worst.”

      • Miinxi

        It’s not Ashley’s fault they mostly looked terrible!

    • Alexis H


      • Ashley Cardiff


    • hollie

      MILEY CYRUS LOOKS REALLY UGLY. aND SHE is a bad role mmodel. Dude…u can tell shes trying WWWAAAYYY to hard. Her hair looks like a clown lol

      • cece

        how is she a bad role model? and regardless, when did she say she wanted to be anyone’s role model? she’s living her life how she wants, regardless of what people say on the internet.

    • Bailey

      I thought that was Steven Tyler instead of Miley in the thumbnail. I’m not sure who that should offend more.

    • Larissa

      If Miley had worn some damn pants, it could have been a cool Bianca Jagger homage. But without pants…too much. Coco Chanel says take one thing off before you leave the house…I say put one piece of clothing back ON before you hit the red carpet. Just sayin’.

    • Chase

      Nepotism is the wrong word. Learn English.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Although English is still an uphill battle for me (every day!), it seems plausible that Berry Gordy’s immediate family members were granted the occasional favor.

    • Magda

      I think that as someone kind of in the same age range is Miley Cyrus, if I was going to wear a dress/blazer/suit(?) like that I would have toned down the crazy sex hair and smoke eye… But then again, what do I know….

      • Magda

        BTW, Ashley, I drove down to San Diego yesterday and I kept seeing a sign announcing “Cardiff By the Sea” and it made me think of you… Sorry if that sounds creepy.