Pippa Middleton Wears Red Version Of Kate’s Famed Bue Engagement Dress

It seems like forever ago now, but that up there is the Issa dress that cemented Kate Middleton as a fashion tastemaker. She’d always been quite stylish, but when Middleton wore the blue kimono-style frock to announce her engagement to Prince William it sold out almost immediately. Even with a pricetag north of $600.

Now–since the press (and us bloggers too) eat up the whole Middleton Sister rivalry narrative–we must bring you word that Pippa Middleton wore the same dress. In red. Mountains crumble:

Pippa was attending a friend’s wedding. She topped off the look with a matching fascinator.

Although we’re possibly looking at different materials, the Daily Mail reports they are indeed both Issa ‘Forever’ dresses. We prefer the color and sheen of Kate’s. Thoughts?

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    • Lindsey

      I prefer Pippa’s. Though maybe because the amount of sass in her face is amazing.

    • Janey

      Wow, what a crazy be-otch Pippa is! This does NOT make her look good. It shows a lack of respect for the bride and for Kate. The blue dress is in a museum on a replica of Kate, for heaven’s sake. Pippa might have endured bad treatment from Kate–we have no way of knowing–but this gesture does not win Pippa any sympathy votes. Talk about bratty! Look at the horrible smirk on her face, too. Girl needs to chillax and get a real job and get on with life. She’s coming across as an overgrown spoiled brat right now–very unbecoming! It’s almost Shakespearean.

    • Jane

      I prefer Kate’s dress. It fits her better and the color is better suited for her.

    • ninajane

      Sibling rivalry eh. The late Princess Margaret brought more shame than Pippa.Look at hideous way Eugenie and Beatrice dress. What about Duke of York and so called ex wife Fergie.
      Let the press leave Pippa alone.
      Best dress royal is Letizia of Spain