Here Are The Kardashian Sisters Looking Totally Natural And Fresh-Faced

Kardashian Sisters Lingerie

JK. They look like creations of Madame Tussaud’s, just like you expect them to.

If you have any new or interesting revelations about the Klan after seeing this ad for Kardashian Lingerie, please share it in the comments. Mostly because I’ve run out of ways to be offended by their continued presence in pop culture and could use a little inspiration.

(via Styleite)

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    • Nancy

      In this picture, Kim reminds me of those comics of sexy cavewomen, or Jessica Rabbitt. And isn’t Kourtney pregnant?

    • Cate

      The fact that their lingerie is actually not tacky and is actually something I would wear is pretty amazing to me.

    • Mary

      Yeah, they’re photoshopped. But it’s still nice to see images of gorgeous women with bigger thighs.

    • Sylvia

      I find it interesting how they’ve positioned Klohe (the “big & tall sister”) in the far back making her smaller and shorter in comparison to the other two sisters…sad really. She has an amazing figure.