• Tue, May 22 2012

Retro Snap: Who Is This Gentleman In The White Slacks?

nick nolte slacks

This is weird.

It’s Nick Nolte. Weird? Weird. Weird in part because he kind of looks exactly the same. Also, pants in the 1970′s were just weird overall, I guess.

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  • BriannaW

    I almost thought it was Niel Patrick Harris. You know how his character on How I Met Your Mother, Barney, kinda travels through time (often as Barnabas Stinson) to suit his need to tell a story? Kinda like that.

  • lea

    Sexy. As. Fuck.

  • MM

    70s clothing ads are ALWAYS hilarious.

  • Beanie

    That’s Nick Nolte (Mr. Nolte to you), Bishes! LOL!