Your Guide To Women Who Were Professionally Punished For Being Too Hot

God, this again. Will women ever stop being punished in the workplace for their incredible beauty? No, I guess not. EVERYONE RUB SOOT ON YOUR FACES RIGHT NOW.

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    • Maggie

      The two women who were fired because “they dressed too sexy” should stop complaining. In an office environment, there is a dress code (at least in most offices) that employees are expected to adhere to. If someone breaks the dress code willingly, that’s their own damn fault and they should expect consequences. Were their clothes sexy? Yes. Appropriate for work? No. They were fired for being unprofessional, not too sexy.

    • kjon

      ‘The House of Mirth’ is so sad. ‘The Custom of the Country’ is fucking infuriating.

      Anyway, maybe it’s the personalities/work ethic/professionalism of these ladies that has more to do with it than their looks. Sure, hot looks and huge titties gets some negative attention but I guarantee it’s not what got them fired.

    • Patrick.bigg

      Yes boss titfuck me

    • Really?

      Umm… Given the title of the article, shouldn’t the main photo actually have a “Hot” woman in it. The blonde is kinda cute, but I wouldn’t accuse her of being anywhere near “too hot”. It’s kind of like when some women refer to themselves as BBW’s, but seem to forget that one of the B’s stand for “Beautiful”. Big does not equal Beautiful.

    • Darcy

      I feel for those who have unfairly lost their source of income. It happened to me a few years ago after almost 30 years working for same company and boss. I know it is hard to believe but it is true. I wasn’t fired for being too sexy although I did later find that some of the women in the office were peeved I tried to look professional and I always work skirts and makeup … never wore pants.

      I’ll try to finish this.. After struggling for years with gender dysphoria I finally accepted the harsh reality that the only way I would ever know peace was to give up the struggle and accept the fact that I am in fact a woman. Transition for me was not difficult. I just quit pretending to be something I’m not … a man. I had learned to observe and imitate guys for self preservation at a very young age. I had four brothers and I have no doubt my dad would have instructed them to beat “the queer” out of me if I told anyone of what I was feeling and no one knew until I began transition about 8 years ago.

      Anyway, I had great reviews for 28 years and was fired just a few months short of my 30 year anniversary. I did give fair notice to management and even suggested a severance arrangement if they were uncomfortable. instead they pretended to be accepting and then fired me less than five months later for some bogus reason. Transsexuals in Georgia have no legal recourse so I had 30 minutes to clear out my desk and leave the building. I have not spoken to anyone there since I left five years ago. I had four brothers at that time and one died not long after I began living full time as a woman. The other three have not spoken to me since.

      Being fired sucks especially when you know it has nothing at all to do with your performance.

      Hey, anyone need a top notch Cisco certified network manager, or systems manager for an HP3000 or certified Lotus Notes administrator etc….

      • G

        This is a really sad tale. You should move somewhere awesome where people are open minded. Good luck to you!

    • M -

      The only genuinely attractive woman is the banker, in my opinion. I do think it’s incredibly unfair for the teachers to have been fired, though. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that teachers also wear bikinis and are photographed doing so in public.