Should You Clear The Air After An Awkward Hook-Up?

So you went out last night and got a little more drunk and a little more frisky than you intended. First of all, good for you, defying societal norms and going out on a Monday night. Screw the world and everyone’s “jobs” to go to early in the morning. But back to your bad decisions.

Maybe it was a friend that you enjoy hanging out with but weren’t really planning on dating ever. Maybe it was a co-worker that makes you giggle during meetings. Maybe it was the bartender at your favorite hang-out who knows a little too much about your love life and your family drama. Whoever the lucky lad was, you two feel a little closer this morning. Like, ew you can feel his sweaty thigh pressing against yours, closer.

By the way, it isn’t at all weird that I know all these things about you and I’m writing a post on the Internet specifically for you.

The first instinct of any animal that gets cornered is to lash and attempt and escape. So don’t feel guilty if you barrel-rolled him out of bed and hid in the bathroom until he finally left. But now that you’ve had a couple cups of coffee and maybe a couple aspirin, you really need to decide how you’re going to handle the uncomfortable situation you’ve created. If this is a person that you ever have to see again, you’re going to need a game plan.

There are two basic approaches to dealing with an awkward hook-up: Clear the air or pretend it never happened. And they’re pretty self-explanatory too. In one, you talk to the other person, hopefully like a grown-up. In the other, you act like you have amnesia.

So let’s weigh the pros and cons of these approaches with the help of random pictures I find on Google image search.

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    • Kate

      How did you know that this happened to me? Mondayssssssss!

    • Magda

      What if you failed at trying to clear the air and moved on to the amnesia phase?

      • Maggie

        I had to do that! It was awkward. The guy I hooked up with was one of my close childhood friends, and after he wanted to date and I wasn’t interested in him like that (I know it sounds cold, I felt bad but I’m not about to date someone I’m not interested in sober!) I tried talking it out with him like adults, and he got mad and stormed off. Now when we see each other we’re friendly and act like it never happened, but there’s still that tension and our friendship was never the same, sadly.

    • awkward

      nah, am currently in amnesia state AND being his friend and it’s mostly fine.