Anderson Cooper Calls Out ‘Human Barbie’ Sarah Burge On His Show

By now you’re probably all-too familiar with Sarah Burge, the self-proclaimed Human Barbie who–among other offenses–gave her daughter a breast implant voucher as a birthday present. When she turned seven. Yesterday, she stopped by Anderson Cooper‘s show to defend herself, equivocate and backtrack.

Burge has brought her publicity nightmare machine stateside before, claiming on Today that she began getting plastic surgery after she was disfigured by an abusive partner. She’s insisted that people write to her and express their gratitude for what an inspiration she is.

Anderson Cooper, however, was not having any of it. He tried to get Burge to admit that she does all of this for publicity (hence the frequent appearances in British tabloids). Burge defends the stories–like one about teaching her seven-year-old how to pole dance–as positive and healthy:

We guess Burge is unaware that there are other options for seven-year-olds besides “stuffing their face with burgers” and pole dancing. She also defends allowing her fifteen-year-old to get Botox injections in her forehead (to stave off sweating):

Cooper eventually loses patience and says, “Um. I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about. I’ve got to be honest, I gotta just stop. Sorry, yeah, I try to be really polite to all my guests. …I just think you’re dreadful. And I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore.” The audience applauds as Burge repeats, “That’s fine.”

Cooper may be in the wrong for being rude to a guest (we don’t really blame him) but he’s absolutely right to suggest that Burge’s hunger for attention is as much a detriment to her children as her obsession with plastic surgery.

…Though we’re curious to know if anyone actually has sent Burge a heartfelt thank-you.

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    • Ayari

      I’m so disturbed by this woman!

    • scallywag

      But Anderson dahling you were quite rude. How is the Human Barbie to ever face herself ever again after you slayed her into her an axxhole? Couldn’t you have waited until she was off the show before you threw a tantrum? Or at least waited for intermission before having some of your petite bodyguards throwing her into a side alley- that way you have could have held your journalistic integrity in tack Anderson. But no! You had to be a brute dear. Imagine all the trauma you have caused the Human Barbie. I can hear her rattling past the hallway now as she scurries to give herself a new post afternoon face lift to make herself feel better.