Let’s Really Discuss This Great Gatsby Trailer

Pull up a seat, have a scone. Let’s watch this together like we’re in a book club.

Look, I understand that if Baz Luhrman directed Little Women, everyone would be in catsuits and swinging lightsabers. I get that. And I am absolutely going to go see this very good looking movie that appears to bear no relation to The Great Gatsby whatsoever. Because 20′s parties are bumpin’. And I say that in spite of the fact that the trailer is not in 3D yet, which was disappointing because it means that you could not experience shirts in your face .

Look, I’m kind of obsessed with Great Gatsby (I tweet it line by line on Twitter, each night, on nights when I’m in my apartment and have the book handy, which is like half my nights, I guess?) and the thing is – the Great Gatsby is not really a wild, action paced adventure. Nor is Sherlock Holmes or Edgar Allen Poe’s entire life, so this does not see to dissuade modern moviemakers from anything, ever.

But if I may?

Nick Carraway isn’t some cool guy who purrs about “the morals being looser.” He’s a nerd. And very possibly a closet homosexual.

Gatsby was a bootlegger, but his primary emotion, at least in the books wasn’t “sultry menace.” He was, in many ways a sad little boy who kept holding his shirts up for approval and and lying to people in a way that indicated he hunted tigers on the Bois de Boulogne. He is the saddest man in the whole world.

Yes, Tom did bring a string of polo ponies down from Lake Forest, but he does not ride them through his front yard.

But honestly? Who gives a shit, right? 1920′s costumes and lots of sparkle, I’ll see this movie like 20 times and so will you. Right? Right.

Okay, your turn to talk.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/lindsaychartman Lindsay Cross

      The entire time I watched this trailer I just thought… “I don’t know what fucking book they’re basing this off of, but it looks fun.”

      • Rose D.

        Hell yeah! I want to read that book!

    • Sam

      If Harold Perrineau makes a guest appearance in a sparkling bralette, I’ll totally see it.

    • endn

      It looks funsies and as much as I don’t like Leo’s perpetual >:| face, I love Carey and I enjoy Luhrman’s insanity–there’s always a spirit he captures, like a desperate lurid emotional train wreck, and isn’t that the whole point of the Great Gatsby, to describe the way class and sexuality and American-ness converged at this single time and place? the plot points are important of course but I think what makes it great is beautiful imagery and the thoroughly Jazz Age-y ness of it all. Hyperstylized, dramatic, sexual and timeless seems a pretty good fit, even if it misses some of the quieter shades.

    • Ewa

      a) last time I checked, GG was not a graphic novel.
      b) casting CM as Daisy is one of this movie’s lesser problems.
      c) some lines – and I don’t mean the voiceover – do not sound at all familiar.
      d) all in all, I’m quite happy I have dropped GG from this year’s programme.

    • porkchop

      I think the fact that people are baffled, repulsed, and delighted by this trailer is a very good sign.

      When I read The Great Gatsby, this trailer was pretty much what it felt like (except that Gatsby looked less angry and the editing was less jumpy). I think this lurid cacophony is pretty true to the book. When Fitzgerald puts you in a car, or in a city at night, anyone and anything could open its mouth and have gleaming wolf’s teeth. He is visually intense. I think Baz Luhrman is a good match.

      I can’t wait to see this movie!

    • mm

      I completely agree that this looks nothing like the book, which I love, to the point where I refuse to watch the rest of the trailer. I think of The Great Gatsby as a horribly sad book about misguided people who are generally completely shallow and don’t realize the danger of it until it’s too late. This trailer is a great indication of the fact that our culture as a whole is so caught up in that exact mindset that people don’t even realize it. I mean, I haven’t read the book in 5 years, but seeing the trailer has made me want to revisit it to confirm that I’m not just insane. I remember being sad and seeing the irony in their lifestyle when I read it, not thinking it looked Moulin Rouge in the 20s…..WAIT mid comment I went to look Moulin Rouge up to see when it was set time period wise, and realized it’s also Baz Luhrman. HOW ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG someone else should have directed it – Moulin Rouge Gatsby in the ’20s in the U.S. is so wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. Not true to the book. I’m going to bed I’m annoyed now.

      • mm

        After watching the rest of the trailer I might have changed my mind…it looks pretty good. Damn.

      • porkchop

        If I were Baz Luhrman, I would rather read your comments than win an Academy Award. I’m almost sad because I know he’s not actually going to see this :)

    • MR

      I didn’t like the first movie with Redford. A man does what he thinks is right, based on his code. Daisy is a hedonist opportunist. She’s out for herself and has no redeeming qualities, and plays Gatsby for a total fool. From a guy’s side it was a very depressing film. I guess it’s cause I always choose to experience romantic love with a woman.

    • jrd

      DiCaprio looks like he was channeling Orson Welles in this movie.

    • aditi

      I may be in the minority here, but the trailer looks Ok. Sure Leo looks more threatening and confident than desperate for approval, and yes Baz Luhrmann does seem to work off the theory that women in their underwear swinging from ceilings are always appropriate and make everything better; but those two points aside I thought the trailer did seem to capture the overall feel of the book and of New York at that time pretty well.

      I will also say based on only what I have seen from the trailer I was more surprised by how well CM is capturing the essence of Daisy than disappointed. Of course this is only off a few seconds of her in a trailer and will know more later….