Here Is Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Ring

Raise your hand if you thought that Priscilla Chan — now Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg — would be rocking an offensively large diamond now that she’s married one of the richest men in the world. All of you? Me too.

So naturally we’re all a bit shocked to see the above photo of Chan’s left hand. The ring is small. It contains one little ruby. And it appears to be silver. So you can call me an asshole all you want, but I don’t love it. Not that I expect her to care about what I think, but just like Melissa Giudice, her life is on display now.

It’s not so much that I think she should have a huge diamond, or that she should buy into putting her newly acquired wealth on view, which Mark Zuckerberg notoriously doesn’t like to do. It’s just that the ring reminds me of the kind of jewelry that female undergrads wear because they don’t really know how to accessorize yet.

But for all I know, this ring has some sort of significance to the two of them, blah blah blah, or that’s not a ruby at all but some kind of fancy gemstone that’s so expensive, I don’t even know about it. Totally possible. Anyway, what do you think?

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    • L

      ughh i agree. i effing hate it. seriously, she clearly had to sign a proverbeal prenup–hello fb going public…AND she has to dawn this shitty excuse for an engagement ring. shame on you mark, shame.

      • Cee

        Well what if she wanted that ring? He is smart to protect his assets…its very curious/genius that he did the IPO deal the day before he got married (it wont be community property).

    • Lo

      I quite like it. Maybe because ostentatious rings are all over the place, or maybe because, in my humble opinion, fuck diamonds. I’m guessing it does have some significance to the two of them, since he designed it (and this is probably a huge leap for a guy who wears jeans to everything). Rock on, small unfussy ring.

    • A

      I hate it when rings/dresses/everything about a marriage/wedding becomes a big deal. Is it really necessary to obsess over a wedding ring? I love it. Keep it simple and classy. Marriage doesn’t need to be an ostentatious, material display. And absolutely, fuck diamonds. Too many conflict precious stones out there and diamonds are the guiltiest.

    • Scarlett

      Oh … I love the ring. I (like Lo) dont need diamonds. I love the “colored stone” look, and maybe they met in July (Ruby is July’s Birthstone.) Who knows? Its elegant and still young and fresh. I think its cute.

    • Eileen

      I think it’s quite pretty, and, honestly, the fact that it isn’t some huge diamond shows a lot of thought. It requires zero effort for a rich man to buy a stunning diamond solitaire (even a conflict-free one) for his fiancée, that she’ll probably like because, hey, it’s a stunning diamond solitaire and most women like those or are at least socially conditioned to act as if they like those. But a different kind of ring, that’s riskier – he really has to know her tastes. He has to put some real thought into what ring would please the woman he loves. And, no, I’m not surprised it’s not ostentatious – they got married at home, no one knew it would be a wedding, she wore a $4000 off-the-rack dress, and this very website thought it was newsworthy that he didn’t wear a sweatshirt. This is not a high-maintenance couple. Honestly, this piece makes me like the Zuckerbergs more and you a little less.

    • Sam

      We all know they’re beyond rich, why do they act like it’s a secret? And personally, I wouldn’t want my wedding dress looking like it was worth more than my ring.

    • Rebecca

      I have a feeling that if she really cared about having a certain type of ring (be it a diamond solitaire or whatever), that’s what she would be wearing. If she disliked this ring, they could have gotten her a different one. I think it’s cool that she’s rocking this totally unexpected ring. I bet it’s just what she wanted.

    • Alexis H

      I love it! I’m not a big fan of rubies, but obviously she is and that’s what makes it great. If a girl wants a diamond because she really likes diamonds, that’s cool, but sometimes it feels like a girl’s choice in wedding/engagement rings is the jewelry equivalent of sitting down at a restaurant and telling the waiter you’ll just have whatever’s the most expensive.

    • Michelle

      Umm a woman seriously wrote this article? And claimed to be somewhat jewellry savvy enough to make a comment such as “the kind of jewelry that female undergrads wear because they don’t really know how to accessorize yet”? Err lady, have you really never heard of white gold or platinum? I cannot seriously believe you leaped straight to the silver assumption. All of my facepalm.

      • Sam

        …because all women are totally knowledgeable about jewelry. On the one hand, I agree–it’s definitely difficult to see what type of metal it is–but on the other, the assumption that jewelry articles must be perfect if they’re written by women is just silly.

      • Michelle

        @Sam yes, but like I said, the author felt she was educated enough in jewelry to make a statement such as the one I quoted, therefore you’d expect her to at least have heard of other white metals before making such a blanket statement. Otherwise she’s just sh** thick.

    • fuhleash

      don’t you mean Melissa Gorga

    • Karen

      Errrr you obviously don’t know anything about jewelry. As someone has already mentioned, it could be white gold or platinum. Hello…how can you even tell it’s silver from just a blurry photo?

      Plus, a good natural ruby is worth far more, and costs more, than a diamond. Do your research.

      Ruby rings have a long history with the rich and famous. Plenty of European princesses and queens have ruby engagement rings.

      It’s only people who don’t know anything about the history and origin of gemstones and diamonds that would think that this ring is not good enough.

    • Sam

      I like it! Small rings are much prettier, IMO, and I hate the way diamonds look (weird, I know, but I grew up with grandparents and parents who hated the diamond trade adamantly). Rubies and star sapphires and the like are much prettier to me!

    • J

      What do I think? That you’re an asshole. And that she’s awesome for wanting a ring that’s unique and understated.

    • JustJess

      If you notice, lots of uber rich people don’t wear big gaudy rings. And she is a pediatrician – so although there probably is a pre-nup – they were together when they were college students – and she definitely “got her own”. Don’t worry about her – she’ll be better off than any of us will ever be – with or without a pre-nup.

    • len132

      I love the ring! I don’t want a huge ring when I get married- partially because I’m going to be a scientific researcher and I wouldn’t be able to wear a ring that’s large. Did you consider that she might not want a huge ring if she is a doctor and wearing gloves all the time?

    • Elephant

      LOL at this. Diamonds are not as rare, luxurious, and valuable as everyone thinks. That is probably a ruby of the deepest color and highest quality-i.e. VERY EXPENSIVE. In other pictures, the metal looks yellow gold. If it’s not that, it’s very likely platinum or white gold. Money modest as he may be, I can’t see Mr. Z going with sterling silver for an engagement ring. This ring looks gorgeous, and I bet she loves it. It’s probably exactly what she wanted! Very sweet and thoughtful. AND DIFFERENT!

    • alexandra

      Isn’t Melissa Giudice a star on a Real Housewives show? Because if so, I’d argue that Priscilla Chan is actually in a completely different situation– all she did was marry someone famous, not elect to be on television constantly and receive compensation and (ostensibly) fame. I like that she is choosing to make the decisions she would have made anyway about her dress/ring/wedding/etc. but also making concessions to her fame like posting photos and not trying to keep it too secret. I really like it.

    • JulieK

      I’m going with the standard – the Bride is always right. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerberg

    • Allison

      Uh….who says female undergrads don’t know how to accessorize? Way to insult and generalize about an entire group of women… one with a lot of Gloss readers, I would assume! And I love the ring. It’s simple and different, and if it makes her happy than who really gives a fuck what you think.

    • Toni Devino

      I love it. It is simple and beautiful. I think diamonds are an unnecessary expense. Women who use the size of a diamond to gauge their husband’s love are superficial. Plus the diamond trade is cruel and unfair. I applaud her decision.

    • Steph

      I like it. I’m sure she had a say in what she got, and she obviously likes it. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Had I had a say in my ring I would have gotten a sapphire.

    • ashley

      My engagement ring was a simple ruby. He bought it from a fair trade jeweler who contributed a portion of the sale to the charity of our choice. I would much rather have the ring I do than a blood diamond. Who are you to judge what kind of engagement ring anyone gets?! Shallow and judgmental article. Disappointing.

    • L_S

      Well at least some one was thinking out side of the box or mabe Percilly just wanted a ruby instead. Engagement / wedding rings don’t always have to be the traditional diamond. To me diamonds are nice, but over rated. I would rather have a creative looking ring with my birth stone or even a pink diamond then some huge gaudy plain diamond.
      In the end you don’t really need some huge rock on your finger to prove that some one loves you enough to spend the rest of their life with you. A wedding ring should be a symbol of the love shared between you and your future spouse.
      If you really want to get what you want, then suggest that you go shopping for rings together and give him some hints at what you like.

    • L_S

      At least some one was thinking out side of the diamond box.
      To me diamonds are nice and traditional but they are getting over rated and over done.
      I would rather have a creative looking ring with my birth stone or a with pink diamond then a plain diamond.
      In the end you don’t really have to have a huge rock on your finger to prove that some one loves you enough to spend the rest of their life with you. An engagement ring shouldbe a symbol of the love you share together.
      If you really want to get what you want then go on a ring shopping trip with your future spouse and have a look at rings together.

    • Lori

      Uh, rubies ARE fancy gemstones already. Only diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are considered precious gemstones. Everything else is semi-precious.

      Fine rubies are rarer than diamonds. Diamonds are not rare at all.

      And how did you look at a blurry photo and arrive at the conclusion the ring is made of silver? It would be unheard of to pair a fine ruby with silver.

      All you have proven is your lack of knowledge, and your lack of awareness that you have a lack of knowledge.