Kristen Stewart’s Crazy Pants: How Do You Feel?

Usually, when we write about Kristen Stewart, it’s for fairly predictable reasons — she’s either smiled, or she hasn’t smiled.

But today, we bring to your attention something entirely new: Kristen Stewart has made an interesting sartorial choice. Peep these Balenciaga pants that she wore to Cannes:

Here they are close up:

I don’t know about you, but somehow these pants are like cocaine for me. I can literally feel them stimulating the reward center in my brain, shooting dopamine to the various crevices of my think tank, and making me feel otherwise inexplicably happy and joyful. I think I’ll stare at them for a while and then go to a rave.

What about you?

Photos by Getty via Huffington Post

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    • Jess

      They’re hideous in that color. Gwen Stefani wore a par in black and white and they looked million times better. Plus, Gwen looks great in anything; Kristen….eh.

    • Larissa

      I usually can’t stand her…but she looks beautiful and cool as hell here. Charlize Theron’s influence, perhaps? She looks relaxed and poised for once, instead of just uncomfortable.

    • JK

      I gotta say that I kinda like them… and I like the whole vibe/look she’s got going on in this photo.

    • caroline

      I love them, so so much. I think pattern size is crucial here – whatever that pattern is (flowers? splotches?) is small enough that it’s not crazy. And plain, casual tops make the whole ensemble not over the top. A+.

    • Robyn

      Love the pants, except for the slits… not sure about those.

    • Daisy

      I like them, but I think they would’ve looked better as a cropped pant.

    • Nancy

      Love them! I think the slit makes them even better!

    • porkchop

      Part of my hates these pants because they would look bad on ME, but she looks so great in every possible way.

    • Fabel

      I actually like them a lot, including the slits & the way the fall over her feet. The whole outfit looks cool too!

    • Maggie

      Can we talk about how cute Kirsten Dunst looks?

    • Meghan Keane

      For some reason, these pattern reminds me of sprinkles and soft serve and summer and happiness. Sorry, I think I need to go get an ice cream.

    • Meredith

      Not a fan of Kristen Stewart, but LOVE and WANT those pants.

    • mary

      there not bad they look good on her.

    • Lyndsay

      LOVE LOVE LOVE them! she looks so classic and fresh with a modern twist! so stylish and trendy all while adding her own personal style. she rocks those pants!

    • RM

      Those pants are really cool. The slits being open bugs me, though–it looks cheap and ill-fitting. Without the slits they would be perfect.

    • Emily

      I LOVE THEM!!!!!!