• Wed, May 23 2012

Naomi Campbell Spends Her 42nd Birthday In The Most Un-Naomi-Ish Way Imaginable

Naomi Campbell BirthdayWhen you think about a birthday party for Naomi Campbell, what do you imagine? A dunk tank where she throws huge diamonds at a target to dunk commoners? Something involving yachts and some type of champagne you’ve never heard of but is now constantly referenced in rap songs? At least a little birthday cake? You’re all wrong.

Naomi Campbell spend her 42nd birthday in Bethlehem wishing for world peace.

No, that’s not a joke.


Campbell went to the Church of the Nativity and then visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem. While there she told a Palestinian television station, “Weapons and war, greed and oil … I hope it all stops.”

Someone crown this lady Miss Universe already.

(Photo: Latest Celebrity)

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