• Wed, May 23 2012

How Should We Make Friends In A New Office?

So, TheGloss recently moved offices in a big way. Consequently, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff have spent a lot of time wondering how to make friends with new co-workers in a new office. Here, they discuss the merits of being nice and the risks of jokes about eating people.

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  • Jennifer Wright

    Wesley was my favorite character!

    • Megan Nicholls

      …I knew I liked you. Roger Moore and Wesley. IMPECCABLE TASTE.

  • Sarah!

    Dude if you guys figure out the secret to making friends as an adult PLEASE let me know.

    • Sarah!

      Is it book clubs? I suspect it is book clubs.

    • Jennifer Wright

      People really do not like it when book clubs stop being polite and start getting real. Just saying.

  • Maria

    Completely off-topic: STOP THE PORN-POPUPS please!!!!!! I wrtoe to your bosses at b5 before, No reply. Maybe you can do something about this. I get these reeeeally ugly porn-popups on my iphone when I try to read your site. Your provider should really look into marketing to a target group again.

    Sorry, I’m sure the lovely writers at thegloss have nothing to do with this (you’d pick way better porn), but I’d really appreciate if I could reaD your amazing articles without looking at two ladies fingering eachother at random intervals.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Oh my God, this is amazing. I never see these! We would pick erotica. We would pick the entire text of 50 Shades of Grey just scrolling, forever.

  • Nolan

    Office friends? Like, friends that you make at the office? Why? You have enough friends! The new friends from the new office will never measure up.

    Allow me to refer you to an article that combined 2 of my favorite things: Allie Brosh (author of Hyperbole and a Half and Gloss contributor), and The Gloss http://thegloss.com/career/allie-brosh-presents-6-ways-to-establish-your-dominance-in-the-workplace/

    • Nolan

      Also, why does the timeline say that everything was posted 3 hours ago? Lies! Lies that new office friends will tell you!

  • Fabel

    Just make all the baby-eating jokes in the world & that way, you’ll be able to weed out those who don’t laugh. Anyone who stares blankly or raises an eyebrow is not “friend” material!

    • Fabel

      Oh, & your how-we-met story is adorable

  • Joanna

    All this means to me is that I can’t stalk you guys (in person) as easily.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Joanna, I can see you in the window RIGHT NOW.

  • Kristina

    I feel like anyone who does not enjoy cannibalism jokes is someone with whom I do not want to associate. However, there is a fine, fine line between enjoying cannibalism jokes and enjoying cannibalism. Period. Not sure how exactly to tease out that difference, but it is pretty crucial…