Is Moving From Adam Levine To Jared Leto A Step Up Or A Step Down? Discuss

Adam Levine Anne V Jared Leto

So In Touch is claiming that Anne V, model and former girlfriend of Adam Levine, has moved on to another musician of questionable taste level. The least-endearing former-cast-member of My So-Called Life.

We’re not going to bother debating whether or not this is true. Does it really matter if it’s true? If In Touch is reporting it, the best guess is that it’s false. However, the rumor brought up an interesting question. Would a move from Levine to Jared Leto be considered a step up or a step down for Anne V?

On the one hand, Leto was at one point in time associated with something that wasn’t awful. My So-Called Life was a great freakin’ show. There was a time when crushing on him was considered a part of being a teenager.

On the other hand, Levine at least has more relevance in today’s pop culture. He may be… Adam Levine… but he’s on The Voice. Cee-Lo‘s on that show. He’s funny.

Really I just can’t decide what to think about this. Would you proudly step out on Leto’s arm to show Levine that you’re just fine without him? Or would you deny ever seeing him after sneaking out of his apartment at 3am, a la Rihanna and Ashton? I’m just so conflicted about this obviously philosophical quandary.

So Gloss readers, weigh in and let me know. Levine to Leto, how would you classify it?

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    • Anoder blonde..

      DOES IT really matter ?
      We all know that Jared like to hook up with bitches.
      What else is new?

    • miinxi

      Personally I think Adam Levine has street cred while Jared Leto seems a little weird…

    • mm

      step down 100%

    • Daisy

      Definitely step down. Adam Levine is HOT, while Jared Leto USED to be hot.

    • Sandy

      It’s a step down no doubt, but it doesn’t matter at all! Anne V is a famew@hore!!!

    • Saul

      Wow! Anne V is a famewhore, everybody knows it! What Jared wants with her?

      • Theresa Alvarez

        I don’t think just cuz she’s a female celebs that she deserves that comment. I mean Avril does the same thing but what we call him? A real man? Come on, men.

    • alexandra

      UP. Are you people insane??? Have you forgotten Requiem for a Dream? Girl, Interrupted? I dont care how nice Adam Levine’s stomach is, the video for “Misery” destroyed the last of his credibility

      PS calling an already famous supermodel a “famewhore” for this seems a bit low. A girl’s gotta date, you know? If Jared Leto asked me out I’d be there in a minute.

    • Lee

      Both guys are hot, so I’d say it’d go either way.

      However, I’ve gotta disagree with the “Cee-Lo Green is funny!” [sic] comment. He’s a prick! He was scheduled to play at a music festival in my hometown, but cancelled absolutely last minute due to “illness” – and TMZ posted photos of him vacationing in the Caribbean the same day.

    • Insightful

      It’s neither a step up or a step down. Levine is hot, but come on! It’s Jared Leto! He’s freaking 40 and he looks great. Anne V is no different from any other celebrity that goes from one guy to the next. They just both happen to be hot.

    • MM

      Jared Leto is definitely a step up! But the first thing I’d do is burn his entire wardrobe.

    • Emmett North Jr

      My brother Jared has some great taste in ladies and i think she mase a good choice!

    • Patricia

      After Adam Levine, the only way is up.

    • tl

      “Always be the Jordan, never the Angela.”

      Truer words have never been spoken. Ahhhhh, the way he leaned on that show.

    • Jessica

      Definitely a step up. I think she went up an entire ladder. Sure, Adam’s hot, but it doesn’t compare to Jared Leto.

    • Ed

      Obviously a step up.
      JARED LETO IS THE PERFECT MAN. He’s so beautiful

    • Antonella

      Totally a STEP DOWN! Adam and Ann were so sexy together that only with looking at them someone could turn on so hard. Look at Adam and his moves, it’s impossible to go a step up with that.

    • Kristina Blount

      Adam Lavigne and Jared Leto are both hot, but they don’t even fall into the same category for me. Adam Lavigne is a rockstar, but Jared Leto is a god! Definitely a step up.

    • rsoxart

      Adam’s ok but everyone knows that Leto’s a god. Not only is his appearance drop dead sexy but his voice and mind are as well. He’s the total package/catch. He only get’s better with age.

    • Kariann Hart

      It depends on which one I had more in common with, and id he’s a kind person. Both are hot looking.