Illustrated Guide: How To Get Perfect Teeth

Look around you. What do all rich and famous people have in common? They all have eerily white, frighteningly uniform… perfect teeth. What else do they have in common? They’re all happy. They’re all truly happy. Don’t you want to be happy like them? This week’s Illustrated Guide will show you how.

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    • Jerusha

      This was 1) entertaining 2) informative and 3) the most disturbing thing I’ve read all week.

      • Eagle Eye


    • bean

      This is completely horrifying.

      • lyle

        And amazing.

    • Jinx

      Ashley, what is your brain

      • kit


        But please don’t stop drawing these.

    • Maggie

      Next week’s illustrated guide should be “The Illustrated Guide to Ashley’s Warped Brain.” I think it would be both entertaining and informative!

    • Dickie

      She’s one sick puppy and I love her – unless you have serious self-esteem issues, then you’re in trouble.

    • Eagle Eye

      Also, please promise me that even though you’ve been purchased by another publisher, you will all stay weird and twisted!

      Honestly, this is the only blog that makes use of my random assortment of literary knowledge…

    • MR

      I just went back to your “you’re welcome” posting, and your teeth look fine to me. Or is that them just in their passive state? :)