What’s With The New French Vogue Cover?

Hans Feurer shot Karmen Pedaru for the French Vogue June/July 2012 supplement and… what kind of tomfuckery is this?

The corresponding editorial is nice–with that striking “80s amazon on the go” thing Feurer does–but that makeup just won’t do.

And the snakeskin necklace with bone attached? That can go also.

(Fashion Copious)

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    • endn

      I dunno, I kind of like it. Is that weird? The accessories and hair are more cheesy than ugly to me but her face/makeup look really striking and interesting to me.

    • Amy

      I like it. Non-traditional non-glamour shots are nice for a change. Not everyone has to look like Barbie.

    • L

      I’d love that make up for Halloween or something!!

    • M -

      I quite like it as well.