What Your Favorite Ghost Says About Your Past Relationships

love never dies

Dude, we all live in haunted houses. But we do not all live in a haunted Coney Island. That is to say, we’re are not all living in Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, which a friend and I went to see yesterdy. Why? Well, everybody makes choices.

Andrew Lloyd Weber spent around 20 minutes in a featurette  explaining how all his friends had all told him that this was probably the best musical ever, at which point I realized: the phantom is not actually a ghost!

So that left the next 2 and  think about different ghosts and how “love never dies.” Casper ahead!

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    • Lauren

      I’m weirded out now by my own stalking of online writers I like because I know who you went out with last night and I feel like I’m violating your privacy. Really I just follow you both on twitter but for some reason this just made me realize how weird it is to follow people on twitter you don’t actually know. Twitter is making me question my life.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Do you want to come out with Tyler and me? I guess I shouldn’t speak for him, because he ight be one of those legit famous people who don’t let twitter followers look him in the eyes or something, but I am, anyway! Also, I think New York media is so small that everyone will hang out with everyone over and over.

      • Lauren

        Can we do something equally as embarrassing as seeing Love Never Dies?