Experts Agree That Girl With Hair Bow Shouldn’t Have Been Booted From Class Pictures

Earlier this week, the internet gave a sound tsk-tsk-ing to a school in England that refused to let four-year-old Marcella Marino pose for class photos because she was rocking a Lady Gaga-esque hair bow. Always an arbiter of kindness and decency, the blogosphere blew up with admonishing reprimands for these monsters who call themselves school administrators.

Our friends over at The Frisky called the school’s reaction a “silly fuss,” and our buddies at Refinery 29 wrote: “We don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to crush Marcella’s burgeoning sense of style with a restrictive, and frankly, completely ridiculous rule.”

We couldn’t agree more. So we will all now doubt feel vindicated knowing that a panel of experts on “The Today Show” shares our sense of outrage (for the most part…more on that in a moment). Talking heads Nancy Snyderman and Donny Deutsch reiterated that in no way was this girl — or her dad, who did her hair — in the wrong.

“I think this girl is adorable, I think her hair is adorable, and the school overstepped its bounds,” said Snyderman.

Deutsch added, “If my nine year old was watching right now, she’d go, ‘I want my hair like that!’ It’s cute. Come on.”

There was one dissenting voice, though: Star Jones. Jones, who is famous for her gastric bypass, weighed in as the voice of reason: “If the rules at the school are that you can’t have your hair braided or unduly ornamented,” she said, “then it’s a violation.”

Heavy stuff, you guys. Heavy stuff.

Here’s the whole video:

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    • Hannah

      It’s more like a bun than braids. It is a gorgeous style and absolutely age appropriate (just because lady gaga wore it doesn’t mean you have to boycott it). Some teachers are just wankers who want to assert their authority rather than actually teach anything.

    • starlise s

      so let her rock wat she wanna rock her mom r dad r watever might just wanted to try something new her gaurdien dont wanna be like everyone else shes an inavator she dont wanna b lik everyone else.

    • Somnilee

      I still disagree, it’s a private school in England and they have a well publicised dress code. I understand that the father wanted to do something special for his little girl, but he should have known the rules, and if he didn’t he should have checked. Yes it’s adorable, yes it suits her, but that’s not what dress codes are based on.

      My cousin’s in a bind because her children’s school has a similar policy and she has a beautiful little boy with the softest afro fluff you’ve ever seen. But, he’s not allowed to have it braided/corn-rowed and he’s not allowed to have it shaved off, so she has to keep it maintained to a neat level. It’s a pain, but she knows it’s the rules she has to accept for her child to go that school (which isn’t even a private school).