Candy Takes Naked Pregnancy Photo Shoots To A Whole New Level

So you’re tired of seeing the same old Demi Moore throwback. Did you yawn at Jessica Simpson‘s Photoshopped ass? Well Candy, the transversal magazine, decided to expand on the old “nude and pregnant” cliche. Just how could you get more controversial that a naked lady who should be hiding her shameful protruding abdomen?

Candy Mag PrengnacyWell you could make the pregnant person a man. I suppose that would be a little different.

And I guess adding that whole BDSM element to the mix is pretty original. It kind of makes sense. Pregnancy really is an ultimate form of submission to another human being, right? God, my high school English teacher would be so proud of me for finding the deeper meaning.

Wait, why did you add a gun? And what’s with the football pads? All right, maybe I don’t understand this at all.

But you can’t say that it isn’t a new take on the nude pregnancy thing.

(via Models)

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    • Amanda Chatel

      Seriously, Cross?!? You just had to go and post this on a Friday? YOU ARE FORCING ME TO DRINK.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Was is the odd speedo at the end that looks like its made of denim with a bullet waistband?

      • Amanda Chatel

        Perhaps… or maybe that’s the one I sort of liked…