Saudi Woman Bravely Stands Up To Religious Police Over Nail Polish

Here’s a little inspiration for your Sunday. A woman in a Saudi Arabian mall was told to leave by the premises by a religious officer because she had her nails polished. But instead of complying, she flipped open her cell phone camera and began filming, telling the man that he had no right to tell her to leave, that she was staying right where she was, and that the government had promised that there would be no more harassment of women.

Get out of the mall? I’ll show you who’s getting out of the mall,” she says. “Your job is to advise people and move on. You have no right to harass anyone.”

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    • mel

      gosh…this guy is soo stupid!!! and YAY for the girl to defend herself.

    • Amy

      She is completely awesome. Some people have real courage – it’s women like her who are pushing back against injustice and it’s far from easy. No one passing by came to her defence but she held her ground.

    • Jen

      What an awesome lady!

    • NatiAlabel (@NatiAlabel)

      She’s so brave. Made my day.

    • Stephanie

      This woman is my hero! She is the epitome of what women should strive for…the defense of personal rights!