This Is What Can Happen If You Read Too Much ‘Fifty Shades Of Gray’

Feel like getting swept away by “Fifty Shades of Gray” this Memorial Day weekend? Well, take heed. There are some dangers involved, as laid out by Selena Gomez in this Funny or Die video. “Fifty Shades” is kind of like beer goggles, the literature version.

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    • Aislinn

      Did you seriously use the wrong “too” in the title??

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        ZOMG A TYPO, I FEEL SO ASHAMED. I SERIOUSLY DID DO THAT. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the catch.

    • Aislinn

      Lol no problem!!

    • K.

      Selena Gomez is absolutely adorable, she did such a great acting job (& the paint guy was hilarious too!). Luv the baby “phat” look– I hate that a lot of these teen celebrities feel pressured to be super skinny. They’re teenagers & should have some body fat on them.