Note To Self: If You Burn A Birkin Bag, You Will Receive Death Threats

While the rest of us long for the day that we can drop several thousand dollars ($100,000 to be accurate) on an Hermès Birkin bag, Clint Eastwood‘s daughter thought it appropriate to light one on fire. Classy, right? We’re still in an economic crisis with hundreds of thousands of people out of work, but Francesca Eastwood and her photographer boyfriend, Tyler Shields, bought a Birkin just so they could destroy it — all for the sake of art. Well, at least their idea of art. I’ll ask it again: Classy, right?

Before lighting the bag on fire, Tyler took a $200 dollar chainsaw to the bag, then doused it with four dollars worth of gasoline. The photos of the destruction, which can be seen on his website, were then followed by the following comments and questions:

“Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…

Would you want this bag?

Are you sad to see me destroy it?”

My question for Shields is this: “Arrogant prick much, Tyler?”

The response to this “art,” hasn’t been very nice. Outrage over this event has led to Eastwood receiving death threats via Facebook and Twitter, with some of the winning comments below:

– “Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten bitch to burn 100k bag.”
– “You’re a stupid whore. How f***ing dumb can you be.”
– “You should kill urself, ungrateful bitch – wasted money when families can’t eat.”

Although I don’t agree with Eastwood or her boyfriend, I certainly don’t think she should off herself because she’s too stupid and self-involved to realize that such a flippant display of excess wealth and obvious mass amounts of disposable income really isn’t going to go over very well when there are so many people in this country (and in the world, for that matter) who go without basic necessities everyday. Eastwood admits that she knew people would be shocked, but had no idea she would receive such a negative backlash. She’s also been telling her friends that people just don’t understand art. If lighting a 100k on fire is art, then I don’t fucking get it either. I guess I’m an idiot.

Clint should really cut her off financially if she’s going to continue to pull this shit. If you like watching high-end accessories burn, you can also watch a pair of Louboutin heels being demolished, too. Again, courtesy of Tyler Shields and Francesca Eastwood. These two really have too much time on their hands.

Are you an idiot like me or do you understand this “art?”

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    • Maris

      No. No. The Birkin. No.

      Can someone please organize a candle light vigil for the bag? Thank you.

      Also, she should now give $100,000 to charity. And buy me a Birkin.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Agreed! Where’s my fucking Birkin?!?

    • Cee

      It’s so refreshing to see an pampered daughter of a millionaire (because SHE is not a millionaire) who has never had to work to earn anything make a statement about money, especially for the sake of “art.” “People just don’t uuunderstaand my art! stomp stomp.”

      Also her boyfriend is a creepy douche, this is not the first odd thing hes done for the sake of “art.” Bruised Heather Morris anyone? I wager he is probably using her to be famous (hes 30 she’s BARELY 19) and he will probably be the next Terry.

      • superjack

        He’s the poor man’s Terry Richardson, absolutely.

        …Which is just brutal.

    • K

      Would have been way more shocking if she had given a 100k bag to a homeless person or something.

      Pshhh burning it. so amateur.

    • Materialistic Culture

      It is simply a bag.

      Yes, it is made from beautiful materials, design, and construction. But it boils down to a MATERIAL OBJECT, that is all it is.

      The angry comments fail to reflect on why burning an expensive, social status bag makes them so livid. If the “artist” were a different person, say a ‘hard worker living pay check to pay check’ who was able to save enough money to purchase the bag to then set it on fire would it change the reaction? Absolutely, because now the context has changed, it has been given a new meaning, purpose, and social statement-just something to think about. But I find it is the negative reaction to her “art” that is a fascinating look into our materialistic culture.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I don’t think it would matter if it were a hard-working person or Eastwood’s kid. Granted, because she comes from such wealth it does contribute to the vileness of it, but I think most would agree it’s not about the bag, per se.

        Burning 100k of anything for the sake of “art” in a world with so much suffering where that money could have been used to ease some of that suffering in a small way is simply disgusting and irresponsible.

        Fuck the bag — it’s not about the bag in the end; it’s about how that money could have been used instead.

      • Cee

        Before this I never knew what a Birkin bag was (yes The Gloss can shame me for this). When I see it, its like seeing her literally light a stack of money equaling $100,000, which is a horrible thing for someone in her social class/status to do as we of lower statuses can only watch when we could probably never have the income in which we can do something like this without batting an eyelash or thinking about how that is a down payment to a nice house (depending on the area admittedly).

        We, of the lower classes, have student loans, rent,car payments, mortgages, bills and dreams of vacations knowing full well that we will have to cut so many corners to have at least ONE of those vacations. We KNOW full well that this asshat can have more than HALF the things we aspire to, whether they are materialistic (because we should have our perks too since we actually work for it) or for, I don’t know..SURVIVAL. The response to this “art” is not the brand name that the glossy red animal carcass bears but the blatant fuckery that a person does with their money and has the audacity to be proud of it and show it to the world thinking shes being cute and making some sort of deep statement.

    • Sabrina

      Imagine the difference she could have made if she took that money and gave 1,000 homeless people $100 each. They could have possibly stayed in shelters that now have to charge each night, could have eaten, could have bought new clothes, and if need be, could have bought some alcohol or drugs to help them get through their nights on the street.

      What a waste.

    • Elizabeth

      Oh great, conspicuous consumption as art. I could name four first-year art school students off the top of my head whose oeuvres centered around them destroying designer handbags. I just want to know what a 19-year-old Pratt student living in her parents’ LES pied a terre is saying to the world by buying a Louis Vuitton handbag, shredding it with a razor, and gluing it to a canvas.

      (The destroyed designer handbag is to art school what the skirt made of ties is to fashion school. Except the skirt made of ties is actually way less tacky.)

    • lynn

      If you watched the episode, it was Tyler’s idea and concept to destroy the purse. Francesca loved the purse and wanted to keep it for herself. Dina Eastwood explained to her what an embarrassment it was for her to have that purse and told her how many schools could be built, how many people could be fed with that money, and also how it cost the salary of what her father makes in 3 years. .She actually put a sign on the purse when Francesca was carrying it to embarrass her. Tyler called it just a bag-same thing like a grocery bag, you just put stuff in it. Tyler got the bag, not Francesca. And he most likely didn’t buy it anyway, if it was even authentic. Maybe you should watch the episode to get your facts straight before making comments.

      • Cee

        It doesn’t surprise me that her boyfriend did this. He is an asshat and is trying to be some sort of artist.

        So if Dina pointed out what could be done with the bag’s worth..why not auction it or sell it and give the proceeds to a school?

        Yes yes, I’m sure if I watch the dipshit shows on E! that only financially support idiots that are trying to live off the name of someone infamous/famous in their family (KarTrashian/Eastwood) would educate me. No matter how you slice it…shes literally lighting $100,000 on fire. If her boyfriend put her up to this it just shows what little backbone she has…is that the lesson I am going to learn from the E! shows?

      • Amanda Chatel

        @ lynn
        You missed the point of this post. It doesn’t matter whose choice it was, it’s more about the fact that she’s getting death threats over the whole incident — end of story.

        However, Cee is right with her last paragraph. What fucking lesson does one learn from watching E! shows? Oh, that people like that are spoiled and third rate (and that’s being generous) artists think making some half-witted “comment” on society and materialism can be done by destroy a $100,000 bag?

        I don’t watch E!… I value my brain too much. I prefer books.

    • Mandy

      Amanda’s comment hit a note with me:

      “Fuck the bag — it’s not about the bag in the end; it’s about how that money could have been used instead.”

      And I realized that this is opening a great dialogue. FUCK the bag. What about all the other stupid useless shit we all spend money on every day? Costume jewelry, frapaccinos, this season’s heels, a primer to put UNDER YOUR FOUNDATION for god’s sake.

      We all have plenty of disposable income that we’re throwing away like idiots. What percentage are you giving to charity? Not 100, I’m sure. Could you give more?

      So… I say “Art”.

      • Cee

        Yes, we all throw away disposable income like idiots as you say. But, unlike her, when we times, we feel a pinch. We “pay for it” when bills or rent are due. When we buy those things, they are perks for the hard work we did this week/month/season. We will analyze our budgets when we see patterns of often being on a pinch and cut corners to correct it.

        She will not know what this is. She has the money to light $100,000 on fire and not go “oh fuck..what about my bills?” She can do this without batting an eye or sacrificing anything (well any respect anybody could have given her is gone I suppose)…anything financially.

        I agree with you about people saying it should go to charity when we do not donate ourselves. Yes, she doesn’t have to donate to charity, but the last time I had disposable income I don’t recall lighting the equivalent of 4 standard new cars on fire…particularly for the sake of art. (I went to see the avengers)

    • mm

      I don’t think she’s doing it to be a spoiled brat by throwing her wealth in everyone’s faces. She’s a teenager…I don’t think she thought that far into it. I think her point is that it’s JUST A BAG. Look at the outrage it’s causing. The first line of their “thought provoking” (ha, ha, ha) text is “destruction is a beautiful version of freedom.” Maybe she’s saying that everyone is too hung up on material things – she has grown up in one of the most shallow existences possible. She probably has some form of disgust for people who are excessively materialistic, especially as a melodramatic teenager. Sure, she’s stupid and could have used the money to better the world in some way, but do you really think she thinks that way? Of course not. She’s making a statement, albeit a stupid one, and all of the angry commenters are sort of proving her point….

    • Carla

      With the bag intact or up in flames, spending that much money on it is a waste of money regardless. Who cares what they did with it afterwards? Not I. If they can afford it, they can do whatever they want with it.

      There are tons of celebrities that spend this much on a car and crash it drunk driving. There are more celebrities that spending this much on wardrobe items is a drop in the bucket.

      Yes, this is art. You’ve artfully been manipulated. You care.

      • mandy

        That’s great point: It’s not like the bag is going to last forever. There are others who’ve spent this money on similar bags to have their make-up fall apart in. Why is this girl the demon?

        And thanks for putting it so succinctly: Art stirs emotions. Love it or hate it, this event has got people discussing how it makes them feel.

    • lucygoosey74

      Hmm, art? Maybe not so much, but that’s beside the point. What I find profoundly disturbing is that a $100K handbag even exsists.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      The Happy Mondays really beat them to the punch.

    • S.P.

      On an unrelated note: Museum Keeps Burning Art to Protest Italy Budget Cuts –

    • Maggie

      Is anyone else really disappointed in Clint Eastwood that he’s not only letting his children behave like that, but allowing his family to be the next group of entitled idiots on E!? I always pictured Clint as a straight-laced, hardnosed kind of Dad who wouldn’t stand for that sort of stupid shit. Perhaps he has stopped giving any fucks in his old age.

      • Elizabeth

        I lost my ability to feel that way when I saw Pat Benatar’s daughter on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.

    • Steph

      I hope you guys get worked up about everything that the rich buy then, whether it be a $200,000 car or a bag. People could always spend it on good things, but they don’t. I’m sure you’ve all done the same.

    • Bj

      oky so it’s a shame they (NOT just SHE) burned a firkin bus still if she bought one wore it for a week and got bored with it en dumped it in her closet nobody would care
      she didn’t wanted to burn it but it wasn’t hers but tylers en his art makes people talk so if you don’t like it shut the f up about it because now you’re doing exactly what he wants