What Would It Take For You To Prostitute Yourself?

joan harris prostitute

A 5% share of SCDP?

I mean, this is business at a very high level. I don’t consider Cleopatra a prostitute.

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    • superjack

      Couldn’t do it. Don’t judge Joan for doing it, either.

    • S

      I’m thinking $10,000. Yes. That is my secret price.

      • Jon Hamm

        Hello, call me (213)555-6758

      • L


    • JaneM

      Sometimes I fantasize that I’ll go out to lunch with a guy and he’ll say “we must decide if you will become my mistress” and offer me Birkin bags and a monthly stipend. Like in Le Divorce!

      I think this is why I bobbed my hair.

      This never happens. Does everyone think about this?

      Oh, the answer would be “yes.”

      • Jennifer Wright


      • Lauren


      • Jennifer Wright

        No. Seriously. Now I’m stuck on this. Why does that never happen? Why are you never just having lunches with silver foxes you’re hugely attracted to only to have them say “mistress relationship!”


    • Kate Messinger

      I’ve thought about this predicament before… though usually its not as large scale as becoming partial owner in a company no one would ever let me be involved in otherwise all for the sake of my baby (what is “one night”, anyhow?).
      I’ve thought about it like: wow, this cab ride is really expensive, maybe I will show my boob instead of maxing out my credit card.

      But in the end, I don’t do it. Even though, “what is one boob”, anyhow?

      I would consider it but I don’t think I could do it….unless I had a baby. Maybe I would do it for the baby. Or part ownership of The Gloss?

      • Elizabeth

        I used to have a really long cab ride in Manhattan, and now that you mention it, I’d totally show a boob rather than pay the $30 or so. But how do you negotiate that arrangement. When he pulls up to the house do you say, “Say, I wonder if you would be willing to exchange a view of my boob in your rearview mirror for this $30 plus tip?”

        Showing the boob wouldn’t be embarrassing. Asking if he’d like to see it instead of money would be.

    • Eileen

      Not for money – or for influence in a company that will always refer to me as that girl who spread her legs for what she has.

      But in an instant if someone I loved was going to be hurt.

    • Lo

      Enjoying it.

    • mary

      I’ve done it. After sleeping with dumbass frat boys for free for 5 years, getting 400$ to spend an hour with someone who appreciates it is hardly a horrible experience.

      • Amy

        HA! That is a really good point.

    • Lindsey

      I’ve been thinking of my number a lot. Maybe $250? I make minimum wage right now so that really would be a lot. I think it would be a work that would suit me really well.

    • MM

      I don’t think I could do it. The reason is less that I have morals and more that I’m a bad actress. Joan is the sort of lady who keeps it classy no matter what gets thrown at her…I’d be cringing the moment that dude touched me.

    • Magda

      Ok, so before I give my answer, I would like to explain my views/lack of scruples on prostittion.

      The way I see it, sex workers are part of the service industry. When you can’t cook/don’t want to/or just want something different/special to eat, you have the option of going to a restraunt. Why can’t the same apply to sex?

      Anyway, that said, I guess it wouldnt take much for me to prostitute myself. Just a willingness of the other party to pay me for sex. And maybe a clean bill of health. $250-500 an hour (hell! even $100/hour) would work for me.

    • meteor_echo

      Nothing would. I’m not a designer bag to be sold or auctioned.

    • Steph

      If I weren’t married I’d probably think about it. Though I’d probably do it through webcam or phone.

    • C

      Would anyone’s answer depend on the client? like what would it take for you to accept payment from a George Cluny look-alike compared to an Andy Richter type? wouldn’t that factor in? (we’re assuming here that the person is not Cluny himself, but someone whom you would not otherwise sleep with for whatever reason)