Men Tell Us: If They Prefer One Or Two Piece Swimsuits On Ladies

elizabeth taylor suddenly last summer

Or on “dames”,  I guess. I sort of wanted to believe all my male friends were lusting after Elizabeth Taylor in Suddenly Last Summer, but I guess they don’t go for mental patients? Losers.

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    • Fabel

      “Umbilical scars”=belly-button, right? Yes. I like it.

    • Spastastic

      “Bathing suits are for gawking”

      That’s funny, I was under the impression that they were for swimming. Swimming in clothes sucks, and you can’t swim naked in public, so yeah, I’m gonna wear a bathing suit. To swim. Admittedly I do like them to look good, but that’s a secondary concern.

      “Who still wears a one piece bathing suit? Are we in the fifties?”

      I actually sometimes wear a genuine vintage one-piece bathing suit from the fifties. It looks awesome.

    • Jo

      Love one-pieces from the 50/60s. Care 0% about these guys opinions on them (or really anyone else’s, for that matter!).

    • Ally

      Really Bob? THAT’S your biggest concern when someone mentions a woman in a bikini?

      • 3000

        Pretty sure Bob’s gay. Or faking an interest in health over sex appeal to seem like he’s NOT a slobbering man-dog (and thus get more action). OR he’s a skin cancer survivor who devotes his life to handing out onepieces to ladies at the beach – because if you fry yourself several hours every day a onepiece can, like, totally make a world of difference :P

    • Jinxie

      I’m sorry, but all I can say in response to this is “Ugh. Fuck these guys, seriously.” Did y’all pick the most pig-headed men you knew to poll, or is it just that all of your guy friends are jerks?
      Granted, the older I get the less I care about the opinion of some strange dude and/or his ween, so I may be reacting to this post with more vehemence than is strictly necessary, but like Spastastic above says, bathing suits are for bathing in (or swimming or sunbathing or building sand castles etc.) and not for ensuring some dudebro gets a boner at the beach.

    • Stephanie

      These guys are animals. Almost everything they had to say was disgusting. Bathing suits are for water, not gawking, or anything else.

    • 3000

      Out of all these dudes, Frank (the one with the tiger pic, awesome) is the only one I imagine I would have wanted to date. ‘Cause he’s the only one who makes a good point, and doesn’t seem to GAF about the main objective of this poll. Kudos.

      As for my own opinion:
      Women are hot either way, stomach flashing or no stomach flashing. Also, men’s swimwear tends to be unfortunate a lot more often than women’s – speedos or those massive shorts that get that ballony effect when they go in the water, no middle ground! – so men should just STFU until they figure out a way to be hotter than us at the beach. Mmmhm, I said it!

    • Marian

      When buying a bathing suit I ask three questions.
      How do my legs look? (my thighs are large but shapely and in togs it swings dramatically from one or the other.)
      Is there good support?
      Do I like the colours?

      I have never asked if men will like it because if I don’t know you the choices I make over my body are none of your business.

    • len132

      Yeah… I do think some women wear bathing suits for gawking, but I wear mine for swimming. I have a two-piece for if I want to tan, but mostly wear my other one.

    • Holden

      Guy here. Don’t ask me why, but I would choose one-piece any day of the week. It does seem to be a double-standard that men’s shorts are designed more for sport and women’s more for sex appeal, but speaking purely in superficial terms, they just seems so much more form-fitting and something about the X-straps in the back totally does it for me. May have something to do with a massive crush I had on my childhood swimming teacher.

    • jack

      I totally agree with the women who are saying suits are functional before they are formal. That’s why I wear speedos.

    • Two-Piece Swimsuits

      Nice Swimsuits…..