Illustrated Guide: How To Become Famous

While zipping around Google recently, I realized that one of the more popular questions across the vaunted search engine was “how to become famous.” Though stubborn autocorrect continued to suggest “how to become anorexic,” the question of the fame seeking yielded 36,700,000 results (“how to become anorexic”? A paltry 147,000). I then decided I must spring into action! With a little help from my own heaving brain, this week’s Illustrated Guide will teach you how to claim the spotlight for your own.

Warning: no one said getting famous was easy. Some may find the following images disturbing.

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    • kit

      I think my enjoyment of these increases as they become more terrifying and disturbing.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Wait, I haven’t left slide one yet. Why are novelists smelly and feeble?

    • Lastango

      Somewhere a shark has that jumped feeling.

      • katie

        I would say the same of your comment. What are you, a Diablo Cody character?

    • bean

      Horrible and delightful.

    • MR

      You know if you weren’t so hot, I’d question why there seems to be a pattern of you flinging off your clothes somewhere close to the punchline.