Kim Kardashian Stoops To Posting Wet T-Shirt Photos

Excuse us, wet half-shirt photos.

Kim Kardashian is interesting almost exclusively because the depths to which she’ll stoop for attention keep… sinking. Yesterday, she tweeted the above photo with the caption, “Wet & wild.” We’re kind of shocked she didn’t also include a video of herself jumping up and down on a trampoline while alternately pouting and giggling.


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    • SilverArrow

      Well, to be fair, she IS wearing a bikini top underneath, so that doesn’t make it a REAL wet T-shirt, right??

      Or am I just being optimistic and far too kind, here?

    • Maria

      She’s also not wearing a t-shirt, so that’s that.

    • mm

      She is everything I never want my future children to be.

    • Marylou smith
    • Sabrina

      So is this the wrong crowd to admit to that I kinda like Kim? and I’m kinda against all the hate she gets… I mean, yes, ok, she became famous because of a sex tape. Congrats, so did Jenna Jameson. It’s not unheard of in our dear old United States. But idk… she’s fucking hot. And if I was that fucking hot, I’d be all about the wet half tshirt contest photo op on twitter, or what have you. She’s just doing what she knows and making money off herself. In some stretchy way, don’t we all exploit ourselves to make money? I mean, writers don’t make money unless they sell their work. Artists don’t make money unless they sell their paintings, etc. Kim won’t make money unless she sells her hotness and women (like myself) buy her exercise tapes lol… idk, I just think she’s ok.

      • Sabrina

        also, I don’t understand why all of my comments lately have some weird link in them… I’m not doing anything to cause that lol and I’m not trying to spread spam… does this happen to anyone else?

    • Mike

      “Stoops”? The only reason I know her name is because she released a video of herself boning some dude named RayJay. Why oh why is that information in my head?

      She’s good at keeping her name in the press, I’ll give her that – but that’s it.