Crowdsourcing: What’s The Best Way To Wear White Jeans?

A while ago, I got this pair of white jeans from NYDJ. I really like them! They are great! It is finally warm enough to wear them! I have no idea how to wear them. Look, my inclination is to pair them with a leopard print coat (in June) and go around like I’m Edie Sedgwick, but Cat Marnell really stole that away from me. Not taking into account the fact that the best pairing is always “with an pinata head” – see below -

white jeans

- what are some other cool ways to wear them? Here! I’ve got a few ideas!

Okay, possibly something monochromatic? With some bright accessories? Like this:

white jeans monochrome

But this might be a bit too intense for actual normal human day wear? I mean, New York is a dirty town. Not in a metaphorical, Sweet Smell of Success way, in an incredibly literal way. This is going to be covered in grime any time I go anyplace.

I mean, there’s almost a 100% chance I’m going to end up pairing it with a blue button down like Jessica Szohr, but this feels almost too obvious.

Also, I don’t have shoes with little bows on them. Few people do, I think. Few people do.

Ashley is making a pretty strong case for pairing them with this shirt:

But I’m worried it’s going to look like I’m trying to be “whimsical.” Who hates whimsy? Raise your hands.

Look, is it cool just to wear these with a black tank top and some black pumps? A blue and white striped shirt is going to make me look like I’m auditioning for some role where I play a “gamine type” right? Yes.

Fuck it, I’m going to carry around a pinata head absolutely everyplace.

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    • Leila

      I like the black tank, black pumps idea, and the blue button down too, very classy. I think anything that contrasts would work for a top, and I vehemently veto that shirt. I hate whimsy. I am raising my hand and waiving it frantically. I, personally, would use a longer top mostly because my ass would not pull off white well. You don’t seem to have that problem…

      Bright top and shiny shoes, that’s what I’m going with.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        It’s actually not whimsical, I swear, though it does photograph weird. If anyone hates whimsy, it’s me.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        (The sleeves fall much flatter and don’t actually balloon like that)

      • Leila

        But it is in fact a slightly sheer shirt (not bad in and of itself) with a picture of a rainbow over cliffs on it? I’ll have to trust you on this…

    • Nancy

      I think all of those shirts are too light and that you should try a bright-ish colour. Like a blue, green, or red blouse, what do you think?

    • alexandra

      I always wear mine with a silk tank top– either pink or blue. It looks different on me though because I am hispanic and thus super dark in summer. I think white jeans are the perfect foil for light summer jackets in interesting patterns or bold colors. if you can (vaguely) match your shoes and jacket you are pretty much good to go.

      Or basically any t-shirt as long as it is in some way interesting. I feel like a solid colored, very casual shirt is a waste of the beautiful canvas of white jeans. Good luck

      • alexandra

        Oh and for the record, fuck yeah, I hate whimsy.

    • Afton Marie

      I agree, I’d go with a solid bright top, or black. I actually agree that the printed shirt would be cute with white jeans (and I might be buying it since it’s on sale); but a solid color would do just as well and wouldn’t force you into any “whimsy.”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I’m telling you. It’s pretty great.

    • Anonymous

      I just got a pair of white jeans and I think I’ll wear them with a gray top! I think it’s appropriate for a night out, but not as much of a contrast as a black top would be. I’m stuck on what shoes would look good though…

    • Sarah

      I wear my white capris (wish I had white pants too) with solid purple or blue summer sweaters mostly. I do really like that last top and think it would be awesome with white pants. Also, black tops would be cute!

    • Fabel

      I know white isn’t a “color”, but it’s too much color for me (too bright) so I’ll usually pair white jeans with a black top (or gray, like someone else suggested). Vivid solid colors would work as well, though? (if you’re not as afraid as I am)

    • Jenn

      Red silk bird shirt, a la Ann Romney.

      Really, white pants don’t really do it for me and make me feel like I’m instantly going to start menstruating due to Murphy’s Law. Or sit in grass. Or eat something messy.

    • kjon

      White jeans, white blazer, neon (yes, fucking neon, do it!) cami/top/blouse with black shoes/clutch/sunglasses and minimal jewelry. Here’s a link to what I have in mind:

    • Lindsey

      I… I like whimsy…

    • Sean

      Holey, you really DO drink a lot eh?

      Are you still on your first liver? I got my third one dyed mauve to match my lungs and pancreas.