Retro Snap: She Has A Movie Coming Out Today

charlize theron young

You will most likely see it!

And it’s Charlize Theron. She’s the fairest of them all as a teen here, and, really, let’s just say it: she’s fairer than Kristen Stewart at any age. Or not? Some people love Bella Swan and also… read TheGloss? Tell me about that! Also, Snow White and The Huntsman. It’s going to be great.

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    • S

      This doesn’t even look like her.

    • Brianna

      Are you sure that is Charlize Theron? Really? Hmmm. We need to discuss how much her nose has changed. And I like Kristen Stewart and love The Gloss!

    • LCT

      No way! That looks like it could be her mom, in the late 60s.

      And yes, I’m a huge KStew fangirl, and also love The Gloss. And I’m writing while waiting for SWATH to start. :)

    • Nixifer

      I really don’t think that’s her.
      Unless she had an blepharoplasty, career making nose job (for the surgeon), and had her hairline moved down quite a bit.
      Plus the eyebrows look all wrong.
      The woman pictured here also has lower cheekbones than Charlize Theron.

    • MC

      what do you mean blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty? seems more like a head transplant.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Here are a bunch of pictures of her from the daily mail article this was taken from (it’s when she was a teen model in South Africa)