Nail Art: A Source Of Life Lessons

Here’s a little personal information for you: at the moment, I’m going through the break-up of a long-term relationship. It’s awful and sad, and while I could regale you with tales of why it didn’t work out (and maybe one of these days I will) I’d like to tell you instead about how I’m doing things like putting on fake nails and nail art to distract myself. OK? OK.

So I always wear my nails super short. Like, I hack them off as low as they’ll go and then get annoyed as soon as  they grow past the tips of my fingers. But secretly, I also have a special place in my heart for really long, really decorative, really impractical nails. It’s why I mean it when I say that I love duck nails. It’s also why I post pictures of nail art on here all the time — not just because we’re a beauty blog, but because it’s my passion. 

So here I am, bored and sad and drinking wine and watching Bravo, and I realized: what better way to further remove myself from reality than to go buy some press-on nails, some nail stickers, and put together a little phalange collage party?

Here are the materials that I started with:

Press-on nails, and a few strips of Katy-Perry-esque rhinestones stickers.

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    • SARAH

      the time i used press-on nails i was like 11, and i had to have my mom wipe my ass. i also ripped them off pretty soon after that and I have NEVER looked back.

      • Aileen

        Not to mention the issues they cause for contacts-wearing ladies like myself. And unfortunately, I lived in Miami where acrylic nails are a marker of your success and overall ladyhood, so it was pretty touch-and-go my sophomore-junior yrs of HS.

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