6 Swimsuits Men Hate (And Why You Should Try Them Anyway)

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Earlier this week, men explained to us that you should be wearing a bikini because you don’t live in the 1950′s, and, also, you should be like an underwater tiger. Not the latter part, so much, actually. We found some swimsuits that they legitimately hate, but that we think are pretty great. Our opinions win. We will explain why.

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    • Maria

      I don’t get it at all. If they hate one-pieces, what’s so hot about corsets?!? My boyfriend exhibits that behavior, too, and I really don’t understand.

      • Lo’s Inner Cynic

        Corsets squish your waist in and your boobs up, and they’re all constricting and stuff. Hawt.

    • Colleen

      the reason tankinis are awesome…. they are the easiest to go to the bathroom in, if u aren’t keen on peeing in the ocean or pool

      • kel

        This. Exactly this.

      • Amy

        What’s hard about moving the ‘crotch’ of a swimsuit (onepiece in Americanese?) to the side temporarily, doing your business and putting it back?

    • NotThumper

      The bigger question is why does anyone care what men think of their bathing suits?
      My husband likes the retro look on me mainly because I like it and feel confident in it. To him that makes it sexy. When I have a bikini on I’m less confident, more uncomfortable and what man prefers that?

      • Jennifer Wright

        They want you feeble and weeping, NotThuper.

      • NotThumper

        Ohhhh, see I knew I was doing something wrong!
        I should have known something was up when during my younger years I discovered this strong “thing” going down the length of my back. ;)

    • Maggie

      Why are they all so damn expensive?! What justification does anyone have for spending $350 on a swimsuit, seriously?

      I think the moral of all of these “clothes men don’t like” posts is: if they can’t see at least half a boob, they aren’t interested.

      • Lindsey

        I think if you live by the beach/lake/swimming hole and you need a swimsuit several times a week it wouldn’t be unreasonable. I mean, I’ve spent quite a bit on coats, and I only need them when I’m outside for like 4 months a year.

    • Elizabeth

      I’ve wanted that black mesh Bill swimsuit by Norma Kamali for years and years. I love the Bill, but can’t afford it. But FYI, Spiegel has a very, very similar suit for very few dollars. It can be convertible or strapless. I have it in black and white.

      You should have shown them the Bill bikinis by Norma Kamali! They’re technically bikinis; I’d've liked to have seen what the one-piece haters thought of those things.

      • Emmykins

        Check out Esther Williams swimwear


        I have a black and white polka dot one piece that is the exact same as the nude and black mesh suits. It’s awesome and was around 100 bucks.

    • Sabrina

      I have two one pieces that I love love love!!!! and my bf actually prefers them to any two pieces I’ve ever worn. He says I look vivacious in my one pieces! Honestly, I’ve determined my new dating criteria, if a man ever said to me that he didn’t like my style, or my bathing suits, or was bothered by my cellulite, I’m not even wasting my time on him. He can go date someone who will give a fuck.

    • Spastastic

      No one is going to tell me this isn’t awesome. I won’t allow it.


    • MR

      I didn’t say anything on your male friends’ comments last time. I already said I like a one piece better, cause the less I see of a woman when she’s dressed, the more I enjoy the sight of her nude.

      • Kai

        Ew, men like you are disgusting. Kindly kill yourself please.

    • tailless

      I get the feeling that swimsuits of any kind are pretty low on the list of things guys hate.

    • Dude

      Yeah… Because those objections absolutely sound like they came from actual men… No, seriously.

      (Love the one-strap bathing suit. Sexy.)

    • Zee

      I love the black one! Why wasn’t Where to buy information mentioned?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Click on the prices in purple, it will direct you to a website where you can buy them.