• Mon, Jun 4 2012

Here’s What Tanning Mom Looked Like Before She Was Tan

Once upon a time, Tanning Mom — the New Jersey lady accused of taking her 5-year-old into a tanning booth with her — wasn’t quite so tan. Indeed, once, she looked just like the rest of us. As a refresher, here’s what Tanning Mom looks like now:

And here’s what she looked like long ago:


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  • Aj

    Chelsea Handler?

    • HB

      OMG. My thoughts exactly!

  • Eileen

    I can see it. If you retouched her skin color on Photoshop or something similar, I’m pretty sure that’s what she’d look like…pretty and human-looking.

  • Amber

    uhh she wasn’t the best looking but def better than the rotisserie pork she looks like now. Its a shame…


  • MrEthiopian

    Looks like tan in a bottle, put on by a blind mute with a squirt gun.

    Ya think she has any mirrors in her house?

  • Vonda Overlie

    UMMMM NOOOO She didnt look spectacular before…. Bikini model… Really???

  • Randy

    Not so much a “model” now…this media wh0re looks more like a dried up catcher’s mitt or an extra off of Planet of the Apes…WTF?

  • Janai

    i still can’t beleive that…she looks darker than me and i’m african-american!!!

  • Schnell

    An “indistinct philrum” (the feature between the nose and mouth) and thin upper lip are characteristics of fetal alchohol syndrome. Just sayin’.

    • Schnell

      Philtrum that is. Doh.

  • Bob

    Faces of Meth.