The Kardashians Will Eventually Destroy Everything You Love

"What are thoughts?"

Here is a waking nightmare in five minutes. The Kardashians took some footage from their vacation to the Dominican Republic–why did they need a vacation? isn’t their whole existence just buying designer shit and whining?–and cobbled together a music video… for “Hypnotize” by the Notorious B.I.G.

Inside, you’ll experience Scott Disick wearing a do-rag! Bruce Jenner feeling on Kris Jenner‘s ass. Kim Kardashian popping in a pool. Listless miming by people who barely even know the chorus. Designer stuff! Prada sunglasses! More leopard print than you ever imagine in a single frame! Caftans! Bikinis! Hate.

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    • Lo

      This is an emergency nerd call to Trek cosplayers: I want you all to get out your Cardassian kit and shoot exactly the same video.

    • Nancy

      That was the worse thing I have ever seen. In so many ways.

    • Cassie

      I don’t think it’s so bad- I think it just looks like a family goofing off together and making a music video. I bet they had a lot of fun.