Best & Worst On The MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

The MTV Movie Awards were last night and since our target demo isn’t 14-year-olds, we’re not going to pander and pretend your care anything about that. Here’s the red carpet. Like all MTV events, it was fraught with micro-minis and… stupid, stupid peplums? Did you learn nothing from the Met Gala, famous people? See Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Banks, Paris Hilton and more.

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    • Jon

      i’m not one to comment on a girl’s weight unless they are fat *coughkateuptoncough* but what the fuck has become of emma? she looks like a stick?! :(

      • Cee

        Wow, who knew assholes got up this early on a Monday! Good morning, asshat. Now go wash your cheeto stained fingers. The raggedy Tapout shirt is not a napkin!

      • bean

        I could have sworn he was a troll!

      • Alexis H

        Haha, out of all the awesome response to Jon the Troll, Cee wins for the Tapout references.

        Now all I can think is “MA! Get Emma Watson some protein powdah up in heah!”

    • kit

      Holy shit. Kate Upton is fat but Emma Watson is too thin?

      Who wants to hoist Jon into a volcano with me?

      • Maggie

        Oh, me! Pick me!

    • Audrey

      I’m not one to come to the defense of a trend, but I love peplums. They might be a bit overdone, but Emma Stone is pulling that dress off.

    • Somnilee

      If we’re hopping on the weight bandwagon, let’s at least get the facts straight here: Paris Hilton’s knee. That is not right.