Why Do You Hate Kristen Stewart?

kristen stewart

We all have our reasons.

That said, I’m always taken aback a bit when people criticize Kristen Stewart for not smiling enough. Because, really, that alone is a terrible reason not to like someone. I remember something Margaret Atwood, who I love, love, love, once said. She noted that a critic said she was “always glowering.” She responded by taking all of the press photos of her and lining them up. In half of them she was smiling. In half of them she was not. From this she drew the conclusion that if a woman is smiling half the time and not smiling the other half of the time, she is, in fact, glowering.

And this does seem like an unfair criticism. If someone went up to say, Clint Eastwood, a man not known for smiling a whole bunch, and started saying “Why so serious?” they would sound like the fucking Joker. They would sound like a supervillain.

So. You never need to smile to please me, Kristen Stewart.

But I would really appreciate it if you stopped playing roles that play into this adolescent fantasy that you can be super special and “the one” without doing much of anything.

I guess I hate her because of Bella Swan. Jesus Christ, I realize Bella is supposed to be an “everygirl,” but her entire reason for being seems to be “so that she can be rescued.” She does not have a single trait that you could describe in an admirable way. (Namely, “God, that Bella, she has a wit like Voltaire’s!” or “What’s great about Bella is her Hermione Granger-like intellect.”) But it’s cool because she is special. She is so inherently special that Edward, a vampire alive for hundreds of years just loves her. Why? Because she’s special. And because she’s herself. Which is special.

This is not enough. Develop traits, young people reading Twilight. It is weird to say “You are not inherently amazing” but you are not inherently more amazing than anyone else. You become special by working very hard to develop your strengths. This is how you succeed at things. This is how you become someone who is admired and loved. You do not win at life by waiting around, complaining about the rain, and hoping everyone will love you. We get the lives we work at.

If this is confusing, please read every column by Jen Dziura.

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    • Magda

      I used to like her. Until I realized that she plays the same part in very movie. I’m not sure if acting out the role of “socially awkward, angsty teenager” is because that is her only trick, or if because she has been typecasted and only gets roles that fit that type.

      I don’t think its the latter, because my sister (who loved the Twilight books) was disappointed in her portayal of Bella Swan. So, I just wish she would take acting classes? Or maybe branch out? Find a new niche? I don’t know.

      But as stated in the post by Lindsay Cross, her condescending attitude isn’t doing much to plead her case.

    • Fabel

      I don’t understand the criticism of “smile more!” either. It’s condescending. Also, I don’t feel that smiling/”refusing” to smile on the red carpet is evidence of her being ungrateful for fame. From what I’ve seen, she’s very physically awkward (which could just be a result of discomfort) so I don’t fault her sullen appearance. It’s not like she’s constantly throwing middle fingers or something (although, maybe she did that once?)

      As for the roles she chooses, I thought she was okay as Joan Jett?

    • caroline

      I think she is getting typecast. I remember reading in the early stages of Snow White that the script was getting re-written to include some Bella-esque facial expressions. Which is unfair. Because in her indies, she can be quite diverse.

      I already expressed my (unfavourable) opinion of Lindsay’s post today, so I won’t rehash here. All I’ll repeat is that people do not look at the whole picture (e.g. live interviews) when stating their opinion that she is “ungrateful” which I think is really unfair and immature. I work with teenage girls, and I know a lot of them look to her as a role model of someone who is true to themselves. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who can do that much (read: a lot) for young girls’ self-esteem is in my good books.

    • GentleMatt

      I’m probably doing it wrong, but I always thought, love is just the feeling of happyness that someone will like you even though you don’t really deserve her. If only people who were special could be loved, I don’t think humankind would still be around. But if it were, its genetics would surely be amazing. That doesn’t sound euthanistic, does it.

      And I find, that a frighteningly large number of actors always seems to play the same role over and over again. I blame you (collectively) for still watching it. The trick to not getting bored with celebrities, is not caring.

    • Maggie

      For a long time, I didn’t like her simply because 1)The Twilight movies were god awful, and 2)She always had that weird, blank stare on. But after seeing her in a few other movies like Adventureland and The Runaways, it’s obvious that she has a lot more talent than she’s been given the opportunity to showcase. Also, she’s very well-spoken and pretty funny when she doesn’t feel awkward; everyone should read her interview in “Interview” magazine: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/charlize-theron-and-kristin-stewart#_
      It totally changed how I perceive her as a person and an actor.

    • alexandra

      I like Kristen Stewart. I agree with what’s been said about her being typecast, and I also think she’s being practical about her career, taking high-profile roles that will give her the money, fame, and freedom to do whatever the heck she wants later. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes in the next few years. I’m hoping she won’t let me down. I do see your point about Charlize Theron being a sort of better version of the blunt but likeable actress, but I think Kristen Stewart will grow… closer… to that with time.

    • Cate

      Perhaps my feelings of dislike stem from 2 primary issues:

      1) Twilight. Won’t rehash the arguments above. Inability to emote – not awesome.

      2) She seems so crabby all the time. It’s not so much that I think she’s ungrateful for the fame that is part of being an actress attached to a franchise like Twilight, but if she can’t emote to her adoring fans in real life, then how on earth is she supposed to do it in movies? Maybe I just pick up “too cool for school” vibes from her lack of smiling (not trying to be condescending here – even Laura Bush always had a smile on her face, and remember who *she* had to deal with on a daily basis) that really are “I’m horribly awkward and this is just the natural position of my face,” but I think that smiling is a way to indicate to the world that you understand people are interested in your life, accept that it’s part of being famous, and that you’re not holding in a fart.

    • lindsey

      my main issue with her is that she doesn’t seem to want to be there as in she always seems like she is suffering, not just her expression in interviews she talks about how she hates being famous and such, to me knowing so many people who want to act its annoying seeing someone who has no interest in that world, if she just wants to be a actress she could be in plays or take less high profile roles. she might be a lovely person but the point is she she complains about being in the spotlight while being interviewed for a high profile magazine. and i cant stand hypocrites so ya she’s just not my cup of tea but then again neither are most of the movies shes in, so she should either go away or enjoy the amazing privileges and opportunities she has.

      • Alice

        Yeah, I see where people have that impression from. The funny thing is, she only talks about her dislike of the spotlight in interviews because they keep asking her! She doesn’t bring it up on her own. And if you read/watch interviews where they bypass that topic, the content is always really interesting.

    • Marissa

      Indifference toward her is heading toward dislike because she lacks charisma, and yet remains everywhere. It’s like everyone believes Edward Cullen that she’s special, when IMO, she lacks star power. However, I also feel that way about boring old naked Rihanna, and yet she’s still intriguing everyone with her naked self.

      • Marissa

        Also, she’s not fun to hate either.

    • Gretchen

      i love kristen stewart!!!

    • Lo

      I’m a bit fed up with her typecasting, but that’s all. What I really hope is that she’ll pick up a few lines from Robert Pattinson, who is my goddamn snark hero. I’m so glad he was cast as Edward; someone else might have taken Meyer seriously.

    • Breezy

      YEAH. Type-casting. How dare she act in a way specified by the writers and directors she is getting paid to listen to… And getting paid to act that way more than once? Horrific. It’s fake, and actressy, and we should all throw rocks at her.

      Wait a minute. I get paid to teach the same classes over and over again… Do I deserve a rock too? Shit.

    • Rachael

      I totally agree with your Bella criticisms, and I actually hated Snow White & The Huntsman, but I feel like it’s unfair to say that Snow White is rescued entirely by the Huntsman. I mean, she slashes a dude in the face, dashes out of the castle all on her own, and is only owned by the mystical forest crap. There’s a lot of other reasons the character falls apart, a lot of which are related to a lack of “special” characteristics, but I just think that one’s a bit reaching.

    • talkonacerealboc

      As someone who gets told to “smile” a lot because my resting facial expression isn’t smiley enough, apparently, I make a conscience effort NOT to hate Kristen Stewart. Plus, she’s a pretty decent actress and personally, I think she’s sexy as hell.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You know, Queen Elizabeth said that one of her greatest weaknesses was that, unlike her mother, she did not have “a naturally smiley face.” It is A) so weird to think that is a weakness and B) probably legitimately a weakness if you are a female ruler, which seems amazingly irritating.

    • Kj

      I really like her in “Into the Wild.” She only has a small part in that movie, though.

      And I kind of like her gloweryness, since I can related to it.

      That is all.

    • Viktorija

      I don’t like her well.. I don’t actually know why. Just she has some kind of cold face expression. And yeah her emotion-less smile.. And I ain’t a fan of Twilight and her character in it and all the other movies she had made… Well, just there are some quind of people I look up to, and she isn’t one in any dimension.

    • kspeopleschoice

      “I guess I hate her because of Bella Swan.” And is your reason any better than the hatred (or is it dislike) over Kristen not smiling…? None of these reasons will ever be good.

      “We all have our reasons.” Yeah I call them invalid reasons. The subject for this article is so ridiculous, to ask people for their reasons for hating Kristen, who is just some 22-year-old actress who has done fuck all to you or anyone else who comments on this article. I’d understand an article by someone asking why people hate a murderer, though the answer would be obvious. At least they deserve hate for killing someone in cold blood. To hate a young woman, even though she is an actress, is pathetic. I’m telling any of you that are going to try and find reasons to hate her, to get a life. Hate your ex boyfriend, your ex best friend, not some stranger.

      But I expect since people are so careless to cheat and publicly announce that drama online, that people are going to grow up to be even more idiotic. Instead of disliking or hating a neighbour, they’re going to dislike or hate someone they’ve never ever met who hasn’t done anything to them.

    • kspeopleschoice

      Why don’t you hate, not that I condone hating anyone (unless they’ve committed some god awful crime), Stephenie Meyer? She created Bella Swan. Kristen just played her.

    • CVWriter08

      I don’t like her because she can’t act and she doesn’t show much emotion. I don’t like Twilight so that adds another level to distaste because the stories encourage girls that their self worth only exists if they have a man.

      One of my best friends loves her though, and thinks she is the greatest, so I thought maybe there is something I wasn’t seeing so I began my journey to try to understand Stewart more.

      I decided to try and watch other movies with her in it, thinking it was because of Twilight that I didn’t like her. Nope she always plays the socially awkward, angsty girl all the time. Maybe she was just being typecasted….

      But than I watched her interviews…. and it doesn’t seem to be a stretch for her to play those angsty roles I have even tried listen to her speeches….. she is exactly the same- so for her to play the angsty teenager is not a stretch at all.

      To conclude she is overrated not a strong female role model, and a very bad actress.

      • http://twitter.com/FuckYesKS berksun

        not a strong female role model? very bad actress? I’m not sure what movies of her you have seen but how could you call her not strong just because she doesnt play in stupid disney chick flicks. Let me name a few roles she played: Girl trying to get over her depression as consquence of being raped in Speak, Teenager who had to work as a prostitute after the loss of her parents in Welcome to the Rileys, Daughter who has to learn to deal with her mom being diagnosed with cancer in In the Land of Woman. Yes, they are all very angsty but so what? These are real life issues we are dealing with and occur everywhere, all the time. And excuse me but she is not angsty in her interviews at all. She may come off as a little bit shy and nervous, but she is mature way beyond her years and uses such rich words when she is trying to make something clear that it baffles me. Watch a few of her recent interviews, she is very funny and charming and has grown more confidence since the first few Twilight movies. You can’t blame her for being fidgety and shy. She was just a 17 year old girl who got world wide famous over night. People keep whining that they are socially awkward yet they blame and laugh at her for being exactly the same.

    • red robin

      really hate her!!! bcoz,
      1) very bad actress.her expression always the same, she can’t act!!
      2) she cheated on robert pattinson, she doesnt deserve him!
      3) she doesnt appreciate her fans and she just not smart,doesnt know how to answer in interviews
      4) she has bad posture,kind of weird and like telling “plz dont come near me!”

      overall-very bad actress,dont know how charlize therone can work with such untalented person,well.that my opinion about her,no offense!

      • http://twitter.com/FuckYesKS berksun

        First of all, go fucking teach yourself how to write :) Second of all, watch Speak, Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways or one of her other 3473298 movies and not just judge her for Twilight. Doesn’t know how to answer in interviews? Bitch please she uses words and phrases way beyond her years for you to understand. She doesnt appreciate her fans? Why does she keep saying how thankful she is for her fans and how much she loves her fans? And why is she always taking extra time off to sign autograhps even though her manager tells her to pose for the cameras or move on. Cheated? Get your facts right, yes there are pictures, I’m not saying I can prove you but I’m just saying that in the photos she is not as short as she should be next to Rupert Sanders, and the proportions of the whole place isnt right (trees, fence etc) On top of that, she misses limbs (ears, foot etc) on some. Also, she is way too real and in love to pull a stunt like that. The ‘statement’ also doesnt sound anything like her. I can though, prove you that she and Rob are still together. New pictures of them together and in some kissing keep coming out. Bad posture? Jeez are you really still looking at the few bad photos the paps caught her in like 7 years ago? I just find it odd how you cant say that because in every single photo taken of her she looks relaxed and beautiful and just very well put together. I cant believe I got bothered to write this all out for someone with chickenbrains who could never understand what an amazing person she is. If you could only take like 5 minutes out of your shitlife and watch a RECENT interview of her on youtube you would understand why she has so many people under her spell..

      • sosadforyou

        I`ve watched some of these movies… She is an unsuccessful attempt of actress. She also stupid and ridiculous on interviews. Isn`t it obvious? You like her, I`m gonna tell you why: you are a lame teenager.
        I don`t mind if she cheated on her boyfriend with a married man with two kids. No, really. I never respected her.
        It`s also annoying that she finds herself amazing.

    • YellowReRe

      Now every one have a really really good reasone to hate on her She now Cheated on Her Boyfriend Robert pattison With the Snow White the hunt an Director who’s older than her 19 years old who have a wife & Two Kids
      I Starded to hate now She’s isn’t that beautiful & pure after all
      Rob Deserve one Better Than kristen

    • Pss

      I love KRISTEN stewart and Bella too :).
      I think yor a stupid

    • Ann.

      It’s always so easy to judge… Like we never do anything wrong. Oh! How hypocrite are we!

      P.S: Is bad acting and, or cheating, a reason to hate anyone at all? Hmm… In that case I wonder what everyone thinks of all politicians in general. ><

      Oh and btw, I’m not Christian but, I do remember this: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"

      Cheers People!
      Have a good life.


    • Notafan

      1.) Bad actress. No versatility in expression (wooden), consistently appears self-conscious and out of place.
      2.) Even in photos and promo pics, you can look at her feet and she is standing as if she is a 2-year-old, onstage with stage fright, and completely out of place (bites her lip, turns her toes in, fidgets, and looks like Lily Tomlin doing the skit of Edith Ann who is ’5 years old’).
      3.) No versatility. Relies on what looks she has (which are not special) and fame from Twilight instead of any acting capability to land roles.
      4.) Tried to play “grown up” by cheating on Rob with a much older, married with children, director of the movie she was “acting” (and I use that word sarcastically) in.