Kristen Stewart Thinks I’m A Shit-Eater

Kristen Stewart 2012First of all, how is it possible that Kristen Stewart seems to be doing even more press for Snow White & The Huntsman than she did for the uncontrollable eye-twitch that is Twilight? The little lady is everywhere!

By everywhere, I mean that she’s on the cover of Vanity Fair. In the accompanying interview, the young actress has some fightin’ words for the horrible people who dare to question her dominance.

“I have been criticized a lot for not looking perfect in every photograph. I get some serious sh*t about it. I’m not embarrassed about it. I’m proud of it.”

She explains, “If I took perfect pictures all the time, the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet, would think, ‘What an actress! What a faker!’ That thought embarrasses me so much that I look like sh*t in half my photos, and I don’t give a f**k.”

“What matters to me is that the people in the room leave and say, ‘She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.’ I don’t care about the voracious, starving sh*t eaters who want to turn truth into sh*t. Not that you can say that in Vanity Fair!”

It’s possible that last week, I took a small opportunity to poke fun at Stewart’s habitually sullen expression. I realize that this wasn’t an original thing to point out. People have been doing it since the young actress stepped into the spotlight. But it doesn’t change the fact that this woman constantly seems annoyed to find herself the center of media attention.

And you know what? Her ‘put-them-in-their-place’ interview in Vanity Fair only proves my point, and the point of every other blogger and magazine who continues to point out Stewart’s attitude. Here’s why.

None of us are surprised to hear that Kristen Stewart doesn’t give a fuck. If you would have asked me yesterday before I saw this interview whether K-Stew and her sparkly boyfriend gave a fuck, I would probably guess that they didn’t. We all know that Stewart doesn’t care about the press or the people who pay money to watch her movies and further her career, because she frequently reminds us how much of an annoyance we are to her.

Kristen Stewart is not the first and surely won’t be the last actor or actress to complain about the critical and intrusive eye of the media. But the fact is that none of it should come as a surprise to her. This young woman signed on to play an extremely popular character in the biggest YA book adaptation since Harry Potter. These movies didn’t explode out of nowhere. There was a huge fan base for them before they went into production. By agreeing to play Bella Swan, Stewart knowingly signed up for serious movie stardom.

Her whole rebellious attitude with the press isn’t just a person who didn’t ask for fame. It’s a girl who knew what she signed up for and then resented it.

Stewart’s charge that people would think “What an actress” if she bopped along with a smile on her face, or maybe a shred of graciousness, seems a little confusing to me. Why would it be a problem if the press and media looked and actress and thought, “What an actress!” She wouldn’t look like a faker, she would look like a professional, promoting her movie without making the world believe that she felt above them.

There is nothing wrong with being honest and straightforward. If Kristen wanted to see how it can be done without earning the condemnation of large groups of people, maybe she should look to her Snow White co-star. Charlize Theron has always managed to be blunt (and hysterical) without making people hate her. It’s because she mixes in a bit of humility, and yes, even the occasional smile.

Just in case she ever reads this (which she won’t but we can all pretend), I would like to let Kristen know a little something. People don’t criticize her because she doesn’t always look perfect (or else we wouldn’t love Helena Bohem Carter so much), we criticize her because she really doesn’t seem to give a shit about all of the people who support her. Her rebellion seems like an immature kid who doesn’t want to do the work of promoting her film; she only wants the fun paycheck and accolades. We might make fun of her for not smiling, but we don’t like her because she seems like a spoiled brat. How’s that for truth?

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    • kt

      Yeah I think my biggest objection to her is that she doesn’t really seem to have much to be “sullen” about. I mean, I was a sullen teen with angst and anger and all things dark and brooding, but I also had as alcoholic father, a schizophrenic mother and an autistic brother. I had, like, real problems. So I think in that case it’s excusable.

      • Elizabeth

        yeah, she’s annoying, but I don’t completely agree with your reasoning. Everyone has the right to be unhappy. Depression and other sorts of mental illness can strike anyone regardless of their privileged upbringing or lack thereof. For example, I wouldn’t say that a bipolar guy “doesn’t have any reason to be bipolar” just because he’s a millionaire and has a happy family. Environment can hurt or help someone, but it’s not the only determining factor in mental health.
        What bothers me about Kristen Stewart is that she seems to be faking unhappiness. Maybe she is or maybe she isn’t, I don’t know. It sure doesn’t help her public image, though.

      • Jill

        Ya, I agree with Elizabeth. She has just as much “right” to be unhappy as anyone else – money or fame or not. The question is, I guess, is she unhappy or does she just think it’s uncool to seem genuinely happy and grateful.

        And really, I don’t think I care.

      • kt

        I pretty much meant that i think she’s faking it.

      • KT

        Really didn’t mean to make this about mental illness – I’m talking about unhappiness, which is a reaction to something negative that’s occurred in your life, not clinical depression, which is a physical/Mental health issue. To me, they are two VERY separate things. I’ve been unhappy in my life and I’ve been depressed. Depression is very different. What I’m referencing to unhappiness, which to me is an emotional not mental or physical state.

    • caroline

      “We all know that Stewart doesn’t care about the press or the people who pay money to watch her movies and further her career, because she frequently reminds us how much of an annoyance we are to her.” Um, WHAT?

      Doesn’t care about the people who see her movies? Says her fans are an annoyance? Find a time when she said this. Check out any live interview she’s done, in which she does nothing but talk about how grateful she is to the fans. That was her comment when Snow White killed the box office this weekend. She says over and over again that she doesn’t care what critics say as long as fans are happy.

      You find quotes that you can spin to make your point, and you ignore countless things she has said and done to go against it. I am so sick of your articles.

      If you want to see some intelligent conversation about this actress, go visit a Jezebel article on the subject.

      • caroline

        “Her whole rebellious attitude with the press isn’t just a person who didn’t ask for fame. It’s a girl who knew what she signed up for and then resented it.”

        And this – you miss the point entirely, yet again. She did not sign up for Twilight fame. She signed up for another indie which would continue her status as a hollywood “nobody”, which then turned into this. This is not someone who moved to hollywood in search of fame.

      • Sarah!
      • Fabel

        Yeah, I think Cross (& those who share her opinion) seem to forget that pursuing an acting career is not necessarily the same thing as pursuing fame. There are many successful Hollywood actors who are known to be very uncomfortable with the fame aspect.

      • caroline

        Terrible words, yes. Not quite what the article title says, but still terrible. Also two years ago, apologized for, and openly regretted since. So I will forgive her for that. I’m talking about the significant attitude change that has been evident in the past two years. Thank you for making me clarify that.

      • Dena

        The US magazine article was not about her fans. It was about intrusive paparazzi.

    • yiraf

      She’s a stupid buttface whose very existence is irksome by nature of her unbelievable/inexplicable sullenness and ingratitude (to god/life/zeus/mother earth/us who have to see her stupid privileged rich underburdened angsty face everywhere) when she is one of the luckiest people in the world…
      god cant people hate on kstew in peace these days haha

    • Dawn

      She has millions of dollars. If she doesn’t like the fame, then quit acting. I don’t give a shit about how hard her life is. and hearing about how she hates being famous is really obnoxious due to the fact that she keeps doing movies and putting her ass out there. She is a terrible actor and even worse human being. She needs to shut the fuck up and shove her millions of dollars up her vampire ass.

      • dena

        An even worse human being? I just don’t understand how you can make a claim like that about someone you don’t know. Your comment makes you sound like a pretty awful human being.

      • Carol

        If I could make more millions.. I would! So she shouldn’t quit just because she doesn’t like the fame part of her job. I could name a million people who hate their jobs and are still there.
        If you don’t give a shit then maybe you shouldnt be reading this article..
        and she’s probably not as worst as someone who writes shitty comments about not liking someone and reading a fucking article about them and thinks the knows a person based on an eleven short paragraph article…. AND accuses someone of being a terrible human for saying whatever the fuck she wants when they did exactly the same thing in a comment. By the way, it’s “really obnoxious” hearing you complain about something you chose to read.

    • Carol

      Well to be honest i like her. She’s different. NO BS.
      And you guys keep saying “Well maybe she should quit her job”
      but i bet you she is not the first person who doesnt like (the fame) PART of their job. There’s people who just hate their job period and they still don’t quit. If I made the kind of money she made I would never quit whether I liked or not.