The Awful, Incorrect Life Lesson Disney Villains Teach You

I went to see Snow White and The Huntsman. I rooted for The Evil Queen. I realized this always happens. I wondered “why does this always happen?”

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    • Tania

      In the slide with all the villainesses in it, I have to point out Jafar wasn’t a villainess. He was a dude.

      • Cate

        Yeah, but he was pretty fabulous. I think he would fit in better with the villainesses than the villains. Maybe he is their gay best friend?

      • Tania

        Considering how he creeped on Jasmine, I really don’t think he was gay. Just a creeper!

    • Fabel

      Villians always had the best songs, I think. Also, definitely re-watch Match/Point. I did somewhat recently, when years had passed since I saw it the first time, & it was just as great! (& if you have a terrible memory for movies, like I do, just as surprising)

    • Lauren

      As a young child I had a huge crush on Gaston. I had a small plastic figurine of Gaston that I would carry around and refer to as “Him”. I really hope this hasn’t impacted my choice in real life men.

    • Natalie

      I agree about the villains having the best songs! Still a bit bitter about Jafar not having his own song.

      Also, Midnight in Paris is a treasure

    • Rebecca Taylor


      so fucking true

      • Rebecca Taylor

        shit, it neither copied, nor pasted.

        I was quoting the bit~ The villanesses always got to dress the way [I] want to dress

    • MR

      Yeah, Disney’s locked in a time warp. But I thought you guys favored the dirtbag in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ not the Beast?

    • SB

      Clearly this person has not seen Mulan!: “Because, you know, you can be in charge and be powerful and independent and still quite nice. There is no fairy tale woman who exemplifies that.”

      • Maggie

        The heroine in “The Frog Princess” did too! She came from a poor background and worked her ass off to open her own restaurant, still while being nice to her bitchy rich friend. In the end she got the man and the career! Way to be progressive, Disney.

      • Kristen Rice

        I agree with you about Tiana, she being my favorite Disney Princess. Tiana is fierce and had passion for her dream. She is a strong female lead and role model. The only problem I have with your comment is when you called Tianas best friend bitchy. My favorite thing abourt “The Princess and the Frog” is for once disney showing a real friendship between women. Look back not once in disney princess history does anyone of them have a female friend (Well except Pocahontas, but I really don’t want to go in to those issues). Charlotte and Tiana have been friends since childhood and not once has Charlotte been anything less then a good friend. Never once did she fall in to the cliche roll of the petty friend or the snob rubbing her high class in Tianas face. In fact Charlotte knew Tiana was trying to earn money and hired her BFF for her party knowing it would help. And when Tiana fell at that same party ruining the deserts, what did Charlotte do? Charlotte didn’t care about the food her number one consern was her best friend. And most of all when Charlotte learned Tiana loved Naveen she forgo’s her own desires just so she could give her friend the happily ever after. So, please tell me when is Charlotte a bitch in this movie?

      • kayla

        In the movie mulan gets offered a place on the counsel by the emperor which she turns down because she has “been away from home too long”. Presumably she needs to get back there, marry/resume her old place and start pumping out some babies. Also in real life she was discovered and beheaded. Not really a symbol of empowerment there.

      • Kristen Rice

        Uh, no. The reason why Mulan returned home in the end was because she worried for her family (she ran away to fight in a war after all) and wanted to reconcile with her father. Not to mention to restore her honor in her parents eyes by presenting them with the Emperors personal crest and Shan Yu’s sword. Mulan was a soldier and the hero who saved China. I doubt she would be nothing more then some prized bride and baby making machine after that. Also, you’re wrong about the legend that is Hua Mulan. She was not discovered and beheaded. In fact she fought for many years and gained high merit, but she refused any rewards and returned home.