Men Tell Us: If They Actually Care If You Get Along With Their Friends

boyfriend's friends

Ladymags are constantly giving us 100 tips to help you be friends with his friends. I think it’s because ladymags assume you have a terrible personality. Maybe you do! I don’t know! But do men even care? Do they need you to get along with their friends? We asked our man panel.

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    • alexandra

      Well, George seems like a real winner.

    • MR

      Again another guy’s take. She likes me and I like her, and everything triggers off of that. She likes my friends. I like and met her friends first. She said her sister gave me the thumbs up, the first night I was with her. Your guys didn’t cover that. :)

    • Donna

      I didn’t know women not getting along with their guy’s friends was even an issue. I would think that the guy wouldn’t want their girlfriend being buddy-buddy with their friends. Don’t guys usually want to keep their “guy time” separate from their girlfriend?