Model Melissa Stetten Live-Tweets Married Actor Brian Presley’s Attempt To Hit On Her

Melissa Stetten

Well, this is hilarious. While on a plane yesterday, model Melissa Stetten found herself seated next to some dude named Brian who kept trying to pick her up using all of the most tried and true methods: talking about how it was divine intervention that they sat next to each other, bragging about what a good, down-home guy he is, and meanwhile dropping hints about how he’s maybe kind of famous by talking about a project he worked on with Kurt Russell.

To amuse herself during this grueling ordeal (and it is grueling to be stuck on a plane with some douchebag that you can’t escape), Stetten live-tweeted the whole thing.

Well, it turned out that “Brian” was actually actor Brian Presley, and that while Stetten was tweeting, fellow actor Pat Healy figured out who she was talking about, and blew his cover — Presley, it turns out, is married, with a five-year-old kid.

The whole exchange is gaining steam ’round the internet this morning, and so to answer Stetten’s own question (see below), yes — she did just ruin Brian Presley’s life via Twitter.

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    • Nancy

      Everyone should do this when a married guy hits on them!


        Absolutely!! I’ve read this story elsewhere with way too many comments from hilariously sensitive men(??) saying this woman was in the wrong. How? Brian, if he is indeed as insufferable as these tweets suggest, should concentrate on being a good husband and rather than a creepy douche.

    • Fabel

      Holy shit, this is hilarious.

    • L


    • Alexis H

      Good for her. I can’t wait to read his all caps rebuttal.

    • Sam S

      Model my ass, and what a c*nt blowing this dudes spot up.

      • meteor_echo

        Your ass, dear sir, is not fit for modeling. It’s too jealous to handle that job properly.
        Also, I smell a cheater here!

      • Elle

        And if she ~had~ flirted back, you would have called her a home wrecking whore. Yay patriarchy!

      • Amy

        I can’t believe you identify with that sad, pathetic, lying cheat! That makes you even more of a loser than he is!! Hilarious.

        And sit down with your mother and have a chat about why you dislike women so much, it might help you resolve it.

      • Dartfin

        You’re a dickwad dude, yes SHE is clearly the wrong one here. Certainly not him right? Thanks for making all guys look bad.

      • Tobi

        Uhhh, I’m pretty sure he blew HIS OWN spot up.

    • Sabrina

      Aaahhhhh!!!!!! I knew twitter existed for a reason.

    • Hannah

      She is my new hero. Ha!

    • Fiesty

      Wait a minute. Why should she take the blame for ruining his life?

      He claims to be a “Christian” which implies he is a follower of Jesus, who spoke adamantly about adultery? Didn’t he ruin his own life, by his own actions?

      I get really tired of people blaming someone for uncovering the truth. She did not know who he was when she sat down on the plane, there was no ill intent on her part. Had he followed his “Christian” teachings and not tried to score in the mile high club, his life would not have been “ruined.”

      But hey, at least he has the start of a new script for his next “Christ saved me” movie!

    • Natalie

      This is so funny! I love the last tweet, adding insult to injury by opening the window.

    • Jen

      Fucking Brian.

      I’m laughing so hard right now.

      • Jenny

        Yes! Y.E.S.

        I’ve been walking around my house saying things like “We are out of milk. Who puts an empty milk carton back in the fridge? Brian does. Fucking Brian…..”

    • ScienceGeek

      I find it interesting that he was recognised by his pick up.

      Either this is a massive set up, or Brian has tried those corny lines before.

    • FF

      For all what we know the opposite of the story presented could be just as much true. Maybe Melissa offered herself to Brian, but the latter refused the girl, so she started this smear campaign against him. The only “proof” we have of her story is a guy (whose face isn’t even recognizable) turning from her away to the windows and sleeping.

    • toskiainen

      What will happen if Brian will take this to court? How can you prove your lines are true ? Maybe you dont have this conversation at all in real life? Bad mistake.

    • Alice B. Toklas

      God, I’d hate to be her ex. Oh, I believe this hateful publicity seeker so much. So she’s sitting NEXT to a man and he doesn’t notice her tweet after every conversation? REALLY? Is this what a NORMAL women does when she is hit on? Go all Glenn Close and boil the rabbit? Women tease men ALL the time to get what THEY want. It’s called being a whore/woman. Women always act like bratty children when men pull the same thing on them. Expect a private detective to find every bone in the closet of this h8ful cow. Sounds like Ho/Model/Actress Melissa Stetten acts MORE like a woman scorned.

      • well

        Nevermind the fact that HE is attempting to cheat on his wife. Oh no. Melissa here is the ONLY one here that is wrong. Riiiiiiight.

      • meteor_echo

        @Alice B. Toklas
        Honey, I’d look at you if it were YOUR husband trying to cheat on you. I bet you’d screech like crazy and turn into a “h8ful cow” yourself… oh wait, you already are one. She’s not wrong, the cheater is.