Who’s The Biggest B*tch On Television – And Which One Would You Be Friends With?

betty draper bitch

Obviously, the asterisk stands for an “a” and we’re asking which one whips up the best batch of cookies. (Whenever children’s cartoon characters speech bubbles read something to the effect of “*$&*(%!” I always choose to believe the characters had resorted to a code language spoken by Satanists and the recording artist formerly known as Prince. It really adds something special to Garfield.)

No. Really. Bitches. Or… female villains. On television! Let’s evaluate their depictions, and figure out which one you’d most like to be friends with:

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    • Lo

      Perhaps not an obvious one, but Daenerys Targaryen. She’s currently* a Biggest Bitch-in-training, learning how to wield her entitlement like a blunt instrument and dish out nasty executions to anyone who disses her. Through all this, she remains Queen Speshul of the Snowflakes, so ain’t no one gonna sympathise if you piss her off.

      If you stayed on her good side, though, she’d look after you at her own expense, and have her cronies handle whatever pisses *you* off. Useful.

      * second season of the show

    • Jamie Peck

      I think Skylar White gets a bad rap and I’m not sure why people hate her so much. She’s doing what she thinks she needs to do in order to save her children under really bad circumstances she did not bring about.

      • Katy

        A lot of the fandom hate towards her is misogyny. I was never exposed to any discussion of “Breaking Bad” until after I finished the first few seasons, and it was really blatant.

      • woo

        Somebody’s gotta protect that family from the man protecting that family.

        Also, the girl’s got game! That sequence in the IRS office with Ted? GOLD!! She is a fierce tiger, but she is not a bitch at all – look at how she wouldn’t divorce Cranston because then she could have been made to testify against him!

      • woo

        Also, can we talk about Marie?! First two and a half seasons she was the ULTIMO bitch/villain/antagonist!!

    • saphy

      Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and Lauren Tanner from Make it or Break it!!

    • Cassie

      ahh!! i just started watching Game of Thrones!! SPOILERS!!!

    • Katy

      Skylar is NOT a bitch. If anything, Ted was. Even his own dumbassery got him killed.

      Marnie, though, definitely is a bitch.