This Girl Made Her Graduation Dress Out Of Old Homework

Here’s an awesome use for your old homework assignments: turn them into wearable art. That’s exactly what 17-year-old Kara Koskowich did, spending months putting a dress together to wear to her graduation using only her old math homework.

She used 75 pieces of paper altogether, and says that she finished the design the night before.

via Buzzfeed

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    • Kayla

      That girl had a Julian Smith shirt :D

    • Hailee Danyliw

      What happens if it gets wet?

    • A

      A whole video report, and not one shot of the dress being worn!? =P

    • Anisah

      Hmm I wanted to see her wearing the dress.. :/

    • Stephanie

      I bet she double majored in math and fashion.

    • C

      Those are some nice parabolas