• Thu, Jun 7 2012

Gallery: Gross Things I Ate In Europe

Guten tag from Deutschland! As you may know, I’ve just arrived back in Berlin after a delightful two weeks of swanning around Europe. And as eating exotic and delicious foods is an integral part of any decent vacation, I decided to say auf wiedersehen to my dumb diet for a little while and eat whatever I fancied. Some of the things I ate were gross-good, some were gross-gross, and yet others were just awesome. Come along with me on a vegan culinary tour of the old continent.

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  • MM

    Your dress is awesome!!

  • MR

    When you said you were on the train for two weeks, I was thinking you were in Europe. Did you visit Libeskind masterpiece? That’s something I’d like to see.

  • Jen

    “Granted I’d just had afternoon tea…”

    That made me laugh so hard I snorted. Hah.

    Also, I love the top you have on in the first pic. It’s totally nude-illusion and made me to a double-take like WHOA. Looks great on you.

  • Amsterdammerer

    De Bolheod is my favourite restaurant in all Amsterdam! Ate my weight in that strawberry choc pie a few days ago.

  • BeccaTheCyborg

    That dress is fantastic.

    Also, aww, kitty.

    Also also! I am absolutely full of homemade vegan burritos, and thus applaud others enjoying same.

  • Amy

    You are not alone, I also dislike red peppers.

  • khulan

    Glad you are a vegan! that all looks so tasty, now some people will know that we dont only eat twigs and berries

  • Maggie

    Getting a decent traditional English breakfast is probably pretty difficult for a vegetarian, since the traditional one (that my very British grandmother made all the time) consisted of bacon, sausage, blood pudding (barf-o-rama), potatoes fried in bacon fat, tomatoes, toast, and beans with any leftover bacon fat tossed in for extra flavor.

    Also, your slideshow made me hungry and jealous. I wish we had afternoon tea like that in North America!

    • Maggie

      I also forgot eggs, fried in bacon fat. I don’t know how my grandmother wasn’t 300 lbs.

  • Jake

    You are gross. And overweight.

  • orion70

    “I’m American, not retarded”


  • woo

    One of my friends is doing a three month tour of Europe at the moment and I get random picture messages at 2am of vegan cakes and awesome vegan traditional food. It’s changed since I went in 2005 and basically lived on bread and olives (not that I’m complaining, I bloody love olives!!)

    I will keep ALL of these locations (including cat) in mind next time I go!!