What Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend’s Friends Says About You

scarlett o'hara men

Rhett really didn't have any friends, huh?

Men sort of care if you get along with their friends, but, also, they really don’t. Sometimes. It depends on which man you’re dating. Because people have separate identities and ideas. You can’t just group them arbitrarily.

Please allow me to make a lot of baseless judgements about you, now.

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    • Brianna

      Vivien Leigh is so lovely. Also, shouldn’t the time with your boyfriend’s friends always be pleasant? It’s not that hard, even if you don’t care for a person, to be pleasant for a few hours of time. Unless you, them, or all, are assholes.

      • Scarlett

        I coulden’t agree more about Miss Leigh. Is it sad I just clicked on this article because of Scarlett?? Interesting article …

    • Nancy

      I LOVE my boyfriend’s friends. I actually became friends with a lot of them before him, that’s kind of how we got together. Unfortunately, I find his best friend soooooooooooooo boring. Unless he’s drunk, and then we roughhouse which is fun. I’m not even sure what it is that makes him so boring, but whenever we sort of double date I’m just in boredom hell. It sucks, but you can’t like everyone, I guess.

      • Jenny

        You “roughhouse, which is fun” with your boyfriend’s best friend? Is that some sort of euphemism for crazy sex I have not heard before?

        Anyone? Am I the only that thought that odd?

    • Boo Boo Bear

      Haha ok, so first, I am using some weird nickname I just made up so that if someone I know happens upon this, they won’t know it’s me… and second, it’s not that I don’t like my boyfriends’ friends, because I actually do and it’s pleasant to spend time with them. But I really don’t like how he changes when he’s around them… is this an ok thing to say? He stays himself around some of them, and those are the ones that I really get along with as well… but then around others… I want to give an example here, but then everyone would know and my boyfriend would know and I would be the gigantic bitch who discusses such things in public. Le sigh.

      • Fabel

        I like how worried you are that somebody might discover your identity. (I’m the same way)

        Also, this makes a lot of sense & I feel similiarly about my S/O.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Sometimes I think everyone reverts to the version of themselves they were when they first met people when they see them again. It’s like when you visit your family and suddenly you are 14 and can’t be bothered making your own bed. It might just be a product of when he first knew them (in my experience people are way different with their friends from high school than they are their friends from later in life).

    • Kj


      That is all.

    • Eileen

      Rhett had lots of friends – shady Scallawag friends! Only he knew they were rogues and didn’t care, and Scarlett thought they were nice because she liked tacky stuff. She got along with them better than he did!

      And my boyfriend’s friends are nice. I’ll do double dates with them. I’ll be Facebook friends with them. They’re not my closest confidantes, but they’re good people.