Gallery: Sexy People With Jewish Noses

Maybe it’s some subconscious evolutionary thing, but I’ve always had a thing for noses with character. On men, on women, on myself, etc. I almost never think people look better with the WASP-y little upturned things produced by nose jobs, so I was overjoyed to read that us chosen people are getting our noses “fixed” far less than we used to. In honor of this happy revelation, I’ve assembled some pictures of sexy Jewish people with sexy Jewish* noses. Try not to fog up the computer screen with your panting.

*I realize Jews look all sorts of different ways. I’m talking about the stereotypical Jewish nose, here. The kind everyone in my family has.

(Via Tablet)

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    • Fabel

      Yesss, LOVE big “imperfect” noses & I’ve always had a thing for Adrian Brody. So glad I’m not the only one, because I have been getting raised eyebrows for years.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Adrian Brody is stunning. I once walked past him on the street and was shocked at how gorgeous he is in real life, too. And yeah, despite my disdain for my own nose, I do love imperfect noses on other people.

    • Donna

      This article, and it’s author, is so stupid. Adrien Brody isn’t Jewish. You are a dumb, dumb person for writing this.

    • Katelyn

      This article is EXTREMELY offensive. I am writing a letter to the editor-in-chief as well. You would not be able to get away with the same post about “Asian Eyes” or “African lips”, so don’t be an offense moron. Take this article down at once.

      • marla

        I am an Asian female with “non-Asian” eyes married to a Jewish man with a “non-Jewish” nose. I am no way offended by this article — it’s great.

    • Elizabeth

      Katelyn: Jewish noses are commonly stereotyped as unattractive. This slideshow gives examples of people who have “Jewish” noses and are definitely attractive. Therefore, this article proves the stereotypes wrong. If you’d rather pretend that stereotypes don’t exist, then go ahead, but please don’t try to censor the people who proactively challenge issues like this.

      Donna: at least read his Wikipedia page before making such a definitive statement. He actually is Jewish.

      Nothing bothers me more than people who get offended “on the behalf of” others, especially when they can’t acknowledge their own stereotyping behavior.

      • Elizabeth

        1. I misused the word proactive. Sorry.
        2. Adrien Brody is ethnically Jewish, but he isn’t religiously Jewish. Maybe that’s where confusion arose.

    • rose

      If the author of this article wasn’t Jewish herself, would this still be OK??

    • Jillian


      isn’t that jason shwartzman? not adam…

      • Jamie Peck

        He lets me call him whatever I like.

    • jamie

      I’m very liberal; however, i do find this offensive. if you are jewish, you have a jewish nose.
      it’s your ethnicity that determines what that nose may look like.

      Also, I’m a body part model. I model noses for 3d models, eye glasses, and nose jewlery.. i know weird but hey it pays the bills and then some. oh, and I’m Jewish.

    • Carla

      You have found my ultimate weakness!!! Lucky for me, Jewish folk love this latina-euro chica.

    • Eileen

      Mmmm, Adrien Brody. I know it was a serious movie about the Holocaust, but his distracting attractiveness kept pulling my attention during The Pianist. And Fran Drescher! Such a babe – too bad her voice got all the attention.

      Plus, with a nose like that, you never have my problem (the Asian problem) of glasses always falling off (unless you buy special). It’s utilitarian!

    • Avodah

      Personally, I am not offended. However, whoever raised the issue of writing an article about “black lips” or “Asian eyes” is on to something. The Jewish nose is a stereotype-not a reality. Whatever may seem “Jewish” is usually a combination of Middle Eastern, Spanish, Eastern European or Russian.

      Plus, isn’t Bob Dylan’s mom not Jewish? If this is the case- he would not be Jewish.

      I think articles like this, despite their attempts at humor, are usually essentialism or philosemitism.

    • Rebecca


      • Chel Sea

        IKR OMG lmao he BELONGS here.

    • JM

      I’m laughing at those of you thinking a discussion about the beauty of African lips would be a problem for black people. Not at all. It would be interesting to see non-black people attribute full, beautiful lips to black people instead of Angelina Jolie. She’s a cute stand-in, but hardly like the real thing.

      Same goes for rear ends and Jennifer Lopez (though she’s got plenty of African blood of her own). You’d think round asses never happened in Hollywood until one that was attached to someone with light skin showed up. Yeah, go ahead and write about African features being beautiful. I dare you.

    • MR

      Barbra Streisand was very sexy when she was young.

    • dee

      I love this. It is the logical conclusion of this vile racist worldview.

      See, the mainstream media was running out of excuses why it is that they never (or almost never) print the fact that full-blooded Jews like Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, etc. are all Jewish.

      On the other hand, they were running out of excuses why it is they kept calling a practicing, believing Catholic like Lea Michele a “Jew”, or others like Jason Schwartzman who are half-Italian.

      So this is the solution. Congrats, Ms. Nazi Propagandist. You get a gold star (not a yella one!). Simply add “nose” to “Jewish” and that’s all the excuse you need to explain why it is you keep focusing on the Jewishness of a select few Jews (or sometimes, non-Jews, like Lea Michele) while ignoring the Jewishness of a full-blooded Jew like Logan Lerman, who is the grandson of Holocaust survivors.

      Keep it going. This is not racist at all! I assure you. Because I said so.

      • Dean

        Rofl, you’re a fool. Curved noses aren’t as attractive as straight noses. What truly sucks is that to top off all the hate that Jews get, they also have curved noses. Now, the funny thing about this article, if you’re going to have a slideshow of beautiful people with Jew noses, you better be using side-angle pictures. It’s a common film trick to only get the frontal view of a person to an angled side view, never giving the complete side view. Guarentee none of them would be found attractive with their curve noses had the pictures been side-taken. But seriously, good job on this article. That’s sarcasm by the way.

    • Crystal

      How can a list like this NOT have David Krumholtz on it? Grrr

    • erg

      Jennifer Westfeldt,Jennifer Connelly,Scarlett Johansson,Kat Dennings,Anton Yelchin,Sara Paxton, Allison Hannigan ,Seth Rogen,Josh Radnor and Amy Schumer should have been included

    • Benji Spetter-Goldstein

      #1 example: me.