There Is An Ewok Dress

Do you want to look like the most heroic of all of the Star Wars creatures?

Do you have a tiny, good, teddy bear heart? Do you only want to sacrifice yourself to help the revolution? Too bad. You can’t become an Ewok. Your human soul would break under the weight of their sheer virtue. However, you can sort of dress like one, insofar as you can wear this dress. It will also work for any Clan of the Cave Bear parties that you happen to be attending. (if you are not attending any you should host one; lots of people will come! It will make you popular! I need a place to wear my fur dress!) – Trendhunter

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    • meredith

      Jennifer, don’t want to blow the gloss’ star wars nerd cred, but I am almost positive this would be a Chewbacca dress, not an ewok dress. If the designer named it that, I’m definitely calling fail on them..

      • Maggie

        Seconded, definitely Chewbacca. The cross-strap is a dead giveaway! Ewoks also have adorable little head coverings and slingshots, neither of which seem to come with this dress.

      • BriannaW

        Yeahhh, definitely a Wookiee dress, not an Ewok dress. But it’s still super cute, and the article made me chuckle.

    • Dana G

      If you click through you’ll see that there IS an Ewok hood accessory, but the strap shown is definitely for Chewie.