Kate Middleton Is Wearing $75 Fake Diamond Earrings – How Do You Feel?

kate middleton $75 earrings

Normally I love Kate Middleton’s style, but I’m a bit conflicted on this.

At the recent Bank Holiday the Duchess of Cambridge’s earrings were widely admired – and then I guess everyone found out they were fake. The Daily Mail reports:

They were a very good copy under the description ‘fabulous fakes’ designed by Belinda Hadden, ex-wife of top PR man Abel Hadden.

On one hand, I think this is great. It proves that you can look chic while economizing, and perhaps indicates some sort of concern over blood diamonds (although, to be fair, you can work with retailers who do not work with people who traffic in blood diamonds). At the same time – Kate is married to a Prince of England. She probably has a lot of real jewels at her disposal, and it really seems like she’s failed to take advantage of that. Acting as though she needs to wear fakes when she really, really doesn’t from a being-royal-having-all-the-jewels standpoint seems a little Petit Trianon-ish.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

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    • KeLynn

      I kind of feel like maybe these were a gift? Because from what little I’ve paid attention to her, I don’t feel like she’s really shied away from wearing expensive clothes so I don’t get the impression she’s trying to cultivate an “everywoman” look.

    • Maria

      Are you really criticizing this woman for not flaunting her wealth during a global economic crisis? If she had been wearing expensive diamond earings she’d probably be lampooned for being insensitive and out of touch. Jennifer I usually really like your writing but this article makes you look like a silly woman.

      • Lemona

        Jennifer, you should have worn your customizable “Ewok and/or Chewbacca” dress while writing this. Then you would not have looked like a silly woman.

    • Sam

      Love, if only for the facts that women look up to her fashion-wise and will therefore find it more acceptable to (1)wear fake jewels which are environmentally and socially better for the world and (2)won’t feel like they have to spend tons of money to look lovely. Obviously, many of us already know this, but there are still so many people who rack up tons of debt trying to copy the styles of the world’s richest, most famous people.

    • Christie

      The earrings are classy, fake or not. Who cares how much they cost?

    • Jennifer Dziura

      I put back a crystal-bearing wedding dress just yesterday because the tiny Jennifer Wright in my head was being judgmental.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Wedding dresses nuns didn’t go blind sewing diamonds onto IN? Jen Wright OUT.

    • Asim Quddus Warsi

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    • Amelia

      Actually its quite common for royals to wear faux jewelry. Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra and Diana, Princess of Wales used to wear fake pearls in boat loads. I love the fact that she wears stuff we can afford, by we I mean broke asses like me lol. I don’t like her style but I love her consideration

    • Eileen

      Maybe they were a gift. Or maybe she was planning to go somewhere where she knew she would take them off and she’s forgetful enough that she wanted jewelry she could do without. Or maybe she was at a department store one day, saw some costume jewelry, and decided to buy it, rather than insisting a jeweler recreate it in real jewels. They’re pretty and they match her dress, and that’s good enough. Even if you have basically limitless wealth, there’s no reason not to buy cheap jewelry if you like it.

    • Stephanie

      who cares? I mean really. just because she’s wealthy doesn’t mean she can’t wear cheaper jewelry.