Retro Snap: You May Know This Actor Better Off Of SNL

jon hamm snl


It’s Jon Hamm. Mad Men Finale. Last night. Go. Talk about it. If you don’t do so here I am going to do a whole separate post on it, I swear to God I will. Fine, I’ll just say it: I feel sad for Pete. I feel really, really sad for Pete’s mistress, Beth. I feel really sad for Beth. I wish she wouldn’t look at space pictures so much. They make her so sad and she has no one to talk to about it!

(Is it weird that Harry Crane is still obsessed with getting a window? I had thought Lane was maybe going to be our only suicide – if you think this is a spoiler you are not allowed to be a full week late to the party and pretend that you were emotionally invested in this - but maybe that was a trick. Maybe someone is still going to dive out that window.)

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    • porkchop

      I love Roger. He gets dismissed as a selfish, perpetually juvenile buffoon but I’m kind of convinced that’s exactly what’s saving him.

      Roger is confused and bored by metaphors and proxys, so he doesn’t have the same vulnerability to the culture of advertising that the other characters have. He would never care about a product that gives him the image of virility, he just wants to have sex with 20 year olds.

      The way he called the Draper’s house a dozen times and hung up waiting for Megan’s mom to answer! He really is 11. And then he asked her to come over for “conversation” except that it wasn’t even innuendo! He stopped mid-snog to chat about acid trips and his feelings over Lane.

      Maybe he just has a childlike sense of wonder! That’s a positive attribute! Like Ray Bradbury but with no ideas!