6 Predictions For Season 6 Of Mad Men

mad men finale

Okay, we’re posting on this Mad Men season finale after all. Let’s talk about what’s going to happen next season. You can tell us which ones are wrong, but, spoiler, they’re all entirely right. I’ve stolen all of the next season tapes and am currently on the lam fromWeiner’s goon squad.

Also, spoilers. Obviously spoilers.

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    • porkchop

      You are so right about Glen. I don’t think it will be until season 7, but yeah.

      I don’t think Roger’s drug use will cause real problems. Just Don’t usual uncertainty, like, “Did they really like my pitch, or did they say yes because they’ve been shrooming with Roger?”

      I would be immensely entertained by Don/Pegs, but I’m really into Cosgrove/Pegs. It doesn’t seem likely, in the Madmen world, but he brings out the best in her. They are better together than apart, which is key!

    • L

      <3 Ken

      • emily

        i keep waiting for everyone else to die in a bloodbath, and for ken to stride through the carnage holding a rose. or something equally as badass. because he is the only not-terrible-person on this show and i want him to be the ultimate victor.

    • Melanie the Constant Reader

      Pete. Pete is going to swan dive. I’m fully convinced of this. He is wound up too tight to not explode, and since he’s internalize that whenever he tries to fight someone else he gets his nose bashed in, he’ll take it out on himself.

      Also, did his commuter friend’s wife change her mind about Pete way too quickly for anyone else? Was that supposed to be symptom of her mental instability?


      • Jenny

        It’s a symptom of the electroshock therapy

    • Josh S

      Bring back BETH! She was AMAZING! Pete and her will run off to L.A. where Pete will run the “L.A. operations” of SCD.

      I don’t think Don and Peggy will become an item, but I do think Megan and Don will break up – but I think Don will leave Megan.

      I think they will make Pete and Joan senior partners…SCDCH. Sterling Cooper Draper Campbell Holloway.

    • Luds

      Pete will keep elevating himself until he reaches a level where he believes he’s passed Don. This will create some major tension.

      Roger is going down, he’ll be a mess with the drugs.

      Joan will be after Don when Megan leaves him. I’m sad to see her leave, I really enjoyed her character but the scene in the finale was pretty clear to me.

      Eventually, not next season, Peggy will be sky high, but when she will be in reach of giving don the coup de grâce, and she could, she will decide not to. And they will end up together.

    • jimmy james

      Your distracting and unnecessary advertisements ruined this article for me. not to mention a slideshow which “news” sites use to simply make ads reload for more views. Repellent web design. Int he era of AJAX/Javascript you can’t just have a refresh free slideshow?? pathetic!

    • Elin

      Peggy will of course write legendary Virginia Slims tagline: You’ve come a long way, baby!

    • René

      Here are some storylines that might happen

      Sally will run away from home ending up in Frisco. She gets picked up by the police and Don comes to her rescue. Roger will stay on and returning to his first wife. His remarks about people is one of the things what make the show wonderful. Don and Megan have to break up. They want different things in life and eventually Don can’t stand women who are more succesful than him.And eventually Megan wants to have children, but Don doesn’t. Peggy is becoming more succesful than Don in her work. We see the agency fall further apart. Cooper retires

      I really was annoyed when Don left Faye Miller for Megan. She had everything . She was smart, pretty and sensitive and supportive. Hoping for some sort of comeback

    • Ahmad

      don and meagan will definitely break up, and he will meet someone else in the same season. pete will keep advancing until he reaches a level where he feels that he is finally satisfied and is proving himself and then everything goes downward for him (his passed might come back to hunt him: the kid he had with peggy, and his affairs etc…)…I also think don’s first wife will leave the politician guy

    • Molly

      Don and Meagan will separate, and divorce. Joan and Don have a very good, adult relationship, and there are not many of those on this show.

      They will end up together again socially, then one thing leads to another…..

    • lukas v.

      Does anybody have an idea when season 6 will be starting?

    • A. Murray

      I would like to see Beth & Don back together.

      Don’t know what to make of Sally. Something about Glenn that I don’t like….he give me thr creeps.

      Roger is a mess.
      Joan is a whore.
      Pete is weak.
      Megan gotta go.

      Build around the affair with Pete & Peggy…..bring on their baby.

      • dolores

        why do you even bother to watch this show?