Charlize Theron & 6 Other Actresses Who Shaved Their Heads For Roles

As we mentioned earlier, Charlize Theron is all bald now for her role in Mad Max 4: Everybody Angry All The Time. Theron, of course, isn’t the first A-List lady to grab headlines with a buzzcut, though… here’s our list of famous women who shaved their heads for a part, featuring Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and Cate Blanchett.

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    • Magda

      What I pulled away from this was, if I shave my head, I will become famous, no one will question my bad-ass-ery, and I will have a baby tiger.

      I WANT a baby tiger!

      But I’m slightly afraid that shaving my head will emphasize the largeness of cranium. So, I’m thinking that quite match or surpass my insecurity over having a large head. Damn. No baby tiger for me. =(

      • Brandon

        Life is short! Go for it!!!Feels great and looks great too!