• Tue, Jun 12 2012

Jennifer Aniston Tries Drop-Crotch Jeans

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux were photographed jetting off to Paris yesterday. While Theroux wore a convincing Johnny Knoxville costume, the usually restrained Aniston opted for jeans with a deep drop crotch and… looked ridiculous. Not because we’re against drop crotch pants (we really, really aren’t) but because they shorten her. A lot.

(HuffPo via x17)

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  • Lastango

    He’s worse… a man past college age wearing a T-shirt with a message looks ridiculous.

    Then there’s the all-black look; a man who needs to rely on a uniform comes off as lacking confidence.

  • bluebevyj

    REQUEST! Please post pics of celebs or peeps in general who can pull off drop crotch pants. I’m guessing you have to be over a certain height?

  • Sam
  • jeanne

    She still looks much better than many of us.Maybe Ashley should post a picture
    of herself and we can all critique her style.Very Critical