There Is No Look Freida Pinto Can’t Pull Off

Remember when the entire world came to an unspoken agreement that Freida Pinto is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood after she starred in “Slumdog Millionaire”?

Well, we were right. Not only is there no look she can’t pull off, as evidenced by her new spread in Flaunt magazine, she can pull off all of these looks while wearing a wig. The shoot was apparently inspired by some kind of tropical interpretation of “West Side Story.”

Photos via HuffPo

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    • Krista

      Good Lord! she’s stunning!

    • Nicole O.

      I couldn’t agree more. She’s a natural beauty.

    • Aditi

      Actually, its really weird. I don’t mean to be the negative bitch and all but I don’t know even one Indian who considers her stunning or anything.

      To us, she is pretty yes; but pretty the way a thousand girls on the street are whom you would pass on the street just like that. Most of us think almost all of the Bollywood heroines are better looking than her.

      Just a testament I think to different tastes, but also how sometimes taste and beauty can be so different in different cultures.

      • mwiz

        Aditi– it’s the same over here in China. The ones that Westerners think are beautiful– pick any high-profile Chinese model, and actresses Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi– are considered odd-looking, if not ugly (note that Chinese have a very odd collective hate for Zhang generally, however).

        There may be an element of chauvinism at play, i.e., “the West likes it ergo we HATE it because our sense of beauty is more refined,” but when you speak with local Chinese about their standards of beauty, they have very specific “benchmarks.” Obviously, this is NOT to say that all subscribe to them.

        Very interesting and, as you said, a testament to how tastes differ between cultures.

      • Ady

        So true!! You got that right!
        Perhaps she’s considered “stunning” because she looks different from most Hollywood models/actresses?And she has that exotic appeal, tan skin, lush hair, long legs?
        That being said, I think she’s a good model (but a terrible actress!!)

    • sajeev nathan

      I am an Indian and disagree with Aditi.. Freida is so stunning and no Bollywood actresses have her magical beauty..Go Freida!!!

    • Aish4u

      Beauty is diffrent for everyone one. Freida Pinto is average looking to me and she is a terrible actress. I personall think there are some wierd looking Bollywood actresses like Katrina but Bips,Rani,Priyanka are very pretty
      Even For Hollywood, Freida isn’t what they considred beautiful. Hollywood beatuies are tall with a great figure and sexy look to them. Freida doesn’t come close to someone like Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones.